iPad or PC the Big Debate

According to Apple, the big debate these days is the iPad vs. the PC.  After choosing to get an iPad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard accessory over a laptop, I tend to agree.

If anyone watched the apple announcements or kept up with the blogs, you would have noticed Tim Cook standing in front of a slide comparing PC Units sold.

PC Units ipad tim cook

Turns out, the iPad has beaten out all the major companies in their computer sales.  So if you put the iPad into the category of the PC unit.  They are on top of the pile in that category.

Can the iPad compete with the PC market?

I have an iPad 2 and more and more, I am turning to the iPad 2 to do the things that I would normally do on a computer.  I surf the web, check emails, write text documents, create keynote presentations, play games, and even blog!

The portability is a huge bonus, since I can carry my iPad anywhere.  Generally, I feel that it’s even more portable in most cases than a laptop, which tends to be larger and generally heavier than my iPad.

Earlier this year, my 2006 iMac died on me, so I’ve been continuing my work without a computer.  I’m using my iPad and also my wife’s PC.  Most of the time, I can do anything I want on my iPad.  I only really go over to the PC when I want a larger screen.  With the higher retina display on the new iPad, I’m not even sure that will be an issue.  Frankly, I’ve been debating whether I even need to replace my computer.

Now, here’s the other big benefit for apple by unifying many of their ios elements onto their desktop:  Even if I do replace my desktop computer, it will be with another iMac.  I love the touch controls and the consistency of the experience between the iMac and my iPad. 

However, the bottom line is that I can do everything I need to do on my iPad and the PC may be on the ropes.

As they said over and over again in the Apple Announcement, we are in a post-PC era.

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