Is Working Abroad For You

The thought of working abroad might be one that you find quite appealing or even a little scary. There are many benefits received for those choosing to work away from their home country. However, there are many things that you’ll also need to considered, in view of finding the right kind of job for you and the application process you will have to complete, to enable you to be able to work abroad legally.


You’ll need to decide whether you want a permanent or temporary job, as your choice will determine the process that you’ll need to go through, in order for your dream to manifest into reality. You may be a student, backpacker, on a gap year, or an older person, with a professional background, who wishes to relocate to a different country. There are jobs out there, to suit people from various backgrounds, with different goals in mind. You have to be persistent in looking and also do your due diligence.

Full Time Career
Master Degrees and professional qualifications are usually key for those looking for professional type jobs overseas. These type of jobs are generally advertised by companies who may have a specific reason for wanting to employ someone from abroad. For example, government type companies located abroad, may need an applicant particularly from the home country, to stand in as a representative. Overseas jobs involving trade and immigration posts, tend to elect professionals from abroad. Professional jobs are usually more of a challenge to get. They are well paid and you can expect to receive great benefits. It’s also considered standard for the company give expat packages with job offers, which tend to include an allowance for relocating and housing expenses.

Part Time
Temporary jobs are much easier to come across and tend to be found while travelling abroad. Jobs such as these pay a lot less than professional jobs and are generally found in hotels, restaurants, or with tour operators and theme parks. Working in these type of jobs, will allow you to take care of your immediate expenses, while funding your travel. Working holiday schemes are ideal for those under 30, who want to gain experience overseas, while working. Students, backpackers and those on a gap year can learn about different cultures and how to excel, while in a different country. Skills gained while working abroad on holiday schemes can really make your CV stand out and impress prospective employers.

Teaching English is a popular choice for those wanting to experience working life abroad. These jobs are quite plentiful too. Massage therapists and beauticians can do quite well, working in spas, in countries that attract a high level of tourists. Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and Kuwait pay quite well and offer decent packages for those with the right set of qualifications, skills and experience. If you are studying a language, working abroad is a great idea. While away, you’ll be able to brush up on your language skills, while learning how to function as a ‘global citizen.’

An international outlook, in terms of the workforce, is an asset and something that many employers now value, with this current globalised economy.
Work permits and visas are necessary for temporary jobs, if you want to work overseas. These can be applied for online and tend to last for 1 year. The applicant must agree not to work for more than 6 months at one particular job though. Employers will petition for a work visa, sponsoring an applicant, for professional type jobs and there are also various tiers of visas, pertaining to citizenship and job choices.

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