Keep Your Mind on Your Money with Apps

Information about your finances is something that you want to keep track of. After all, in a world where everything is online, Delayed payments are rapidly becoming a poor excuse, as is not planning your budget properly. With the following apps, you can be on your way to keeping your spending under control, and tracking exactly how much you are using at any given time:

  • Daily Trackers

These apps literally do what they are described as: they track your expenses daily. Truthfully, you should also put some effort into putting in every single expense, so you can find out how much you really spend across the whole day. The secret there is to find patterns of spending that you can keep, improve or discard.

  • Billing Trackers and Feed Apps

Again, this requires that you really put in the time to track your bills and utility payments, but the positive use isn’t just about money, it’s actually about consumption. The best way to see if you are conserving on water, electricity, and gas is to see how you use it every month, and what it’s costing you. And if you do the proper maintenance routines and repairs, who knows, you might get into a self-improving contest to see how low you can go with your bills.

  • Bank Apps

Many banks these days have their own apps, from where they can launch encrypted feed information about your account. Granted, you may have to check first if your mobile device can support the app, but this is very important if you’re planning to do a major purchase, or an emergency situation arises that needs money fast. Just remember not to store the password on your mobile device (if that’s allowed). Security is very important.

  • Online Transaction Apps

Just as banks have apps, so do online payment companies, and the reason are pretty much the same: to provide a secure platform for your sensitive financial information. But with online payment companies, it’s not just that, you can track processing fees, and in some cases, even track orders and shipments.

  • Shop Apps

Shop apps, just like online payment apps and bank apps, rely on a secure system for your info. However, in this case, you’re already at the store, so to speak. Having a store app is a bit of a double-edged sword, as it is both a temptation and a good idea, if you frequently buy online.

  • Combined phone service Apps

Messaging and communication apps that combine VoIP services with landline connections may also be used in financial terms, particularly if you have to send messages or documents through fax – you can type the letter on a word processor program, then send it through the app to a landline fax. In the same way, it would be a good idea to link your entire communication network, be it home or office, to your app, so that you can be contacted at any time.

  • Budget

Last and not the least, what you need is an app that can keep track of everything – as long as you put it in. It can be as simple as an app that subtracts all your expenses from a set salary (or fraction thereof), or it can be as complex as an online aggregator app from which you can literally pay bills, transact and move funds around.

What is important with all these apps, however, is that you must be very honest, too, with all your expenses and purchases. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give yourself an accurate snapshot of your spending. And if your apps track you across the months, then inaccurate results will mean that you’re probably spending more than you care to admit.

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