Keeping Business Travel in Budget

When you’re running a business, or freelancing networking and the learning experiences offered by exhibitions and conferences (FinCon for example) are considered and essential to be able to keep your business brand moving. Whether this is by getting ahead of the competition or making connections that can help you expand your business and services. The problem for many, especially small businesses is of course money and sticking to a limited budget when the cost of such events are taken care of very little is left for transport, hotels or other accommodation and food.

It is therefore essential you remain thrifty when it comes to planning in order to keep everything within budget! This is easy if you are planning for an event in the future as you will have the opportunity to take time to compare the deals available to you, look for offers on the likes of group buying sites and so on. Travel also comes in significantly cheaper if you are planning in advance with both flight costs and train fares increasing in price the closer you get to your departure date, especially during peak travel periods such as during summer school holidays.

For those that are booking last minute it is a little bit trickier to quickly find cheap hotels and motels and even more difficult to find cheap flights or train tickets. The first step would be to find motel coupons and discount codes then compare the costs of motels with such codes applied. Ensure you don’t overlook the motels that do not have coupons or discounting available, you may find that these may still work out to be the best motel rate that’s available. Remove extras from your room that you do not need, breakfast is of course an essential but you may find a café close by offers cheaper breakfast than the premiums charged at the hotels.

If you regularly travel for business purposes it can be worth looking into the rewards and loyalty schemes that are available for regular customers. These can be brand specific therefore every time you book in the same hotel you earn points which you can redeem in the future. Or, these can be booking site specific, and upon accumulating a certain number of bookings at hotels on the site you will receive a free night up to the value of your previous average spend, which of course can help you make significant savings. The former is the more limited option but it is worth working out which one would save you the most money in the long run.

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  1. Different companies have different budgets for traveling purposes and therefore are able to provide different perks to employees they send away on company paid business trips. As a freelancer or a one-man show a business trip may not be as luxurious as if you are on the payroll of a big firm, but then again it depends on how successful you are.

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