Keeping In Touch With The Best Business Card App For IPhone

In today’s world, keeping in touch is not as easy as it looks. Although we have so many more ways of networking and showcasing our talents and abilities online, it can be difficult to keep track of all our contacts. Having a business card app for iPhone or for android phones can help you to keep all your contacts in one place.

One of the problems with trying to organize a contact list is that we have different contacts from different places, and merging the paper with the electronic can be a pain. Having an app can help, but is it socially acceptable?

How the app works

We use a variety of social networking programs to meet others and exchange information. Some have multiple functions—they can be used for social purposes or for businesses—however, not everything we do is online. Often when exchanging information with people we have just met, we still use the paper business card. A business card app for iPhone is a better choice for the electronically savvy networker. Otherwise, after a networking event, you have a pile of cards that no longer have any meaning to you, or you end up having to search through a pile for the one you want.

A social ritual

Paper business cards are a staple of the business networking world, and that form of networking sometimes—but not always—spills over into the academic and social aspects of our life. In Asian countries, such as Japan, the exchange of business cards is an important greeting ritual. In order to prove you have been somewhere, or to confirm that you have met someone, or even to remember someone, a card is exchanged. Many Japanese individuals associate the place they work with a personal identity and are proud of the card that proclaims their position in their organization. Not everyone will want to replace the paper with a business card app for their iPhone, but the app will make things much easier for those who do.

Even though some people may be reluctant to replace the paper cards with an electronic version, the app is seen as something that will bring businesses up to speed in the digital world. Those who use the paper cards frequently can appreciate an app that takes away the albums and rolodexes full of paper, and, in many countries, there is an ever-increasing push to do away with as much paper, and as much clutter as possible.

It just makes sense

Having all these cards stored electronically just makes sense, especially since the different aspects of our lives are no longer separate from each other. We no longer work only during business hours, leaving the rest of the time free for social or academic pursuits. We work during the weekends and evenings and we socialize during the work day. A smart phone allows all the contacts that we need, wherever we are, to be instantly available, and the business card app for iPhone enables that information to be there instantly.

No typing

How does the business card app help? You just let your smart phone do the work for you. The business card app for iPhone scans the card using your phone’s rear-facing camera. The camera captures the image and the scanner uses optimal character recognition to turn the photo into useful text so it can store it in a database. This is what makes the app so much better than the address book the phone used before the app, where you had to type that pile of business cards yourself—a task that rarely got done.

Keep organized

The business card app for iPhone keeps the contacts in one place, but it lets you easily separate them into groups. This way you can manage the different pieces of your life both separately, and in one place. You can also choose to share a little, or a lot of information with the people you meet.

The best part

There is one thing that an app can do that a rolodex, or even a digital address book can’t. It can’t let you keep in touch. Some apps also form a social networking site so you never forget that contact you made at the conference you barely remember.


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