Know Your Compensation Rights as a Consumer

It is something very good that at the present situation the rights are much more in favor of the customer than the trader. This is so since for many years consumers did not have any right moreover they used to get highly exploited by the sellers and the traders. Consumer rights made the task of exploitation almost impossible for the sellers and ensured protection for the consumers.

It has been come to notice that most of the consumers fail to take the advantage of the consumer rights. This is mostly because they are not aware of the rules and rights. They do not know on which grounds they can use it, how to use it etc. Let us have a discussion on what are your rights to compensation as a consumer?

In order to continue let us first discuss on which grounds you can claim compensation as a consumer.

  1. Grievanceallege:

However most of us aware of grievance claims still there are a number of sides of this right that hardly of us know and so claim. What we all know is if one even meets and accidents leading to severe injury or financial peril without any fault, he or she can claim compensation against the mishap. But such claim can be done in work places as well. Yes. Let us see an example.

There are a number of people who are not aware of it. A huge portion of our workforce is engaged in construction exertion. They often thing that is there place of work and they have chosen it themselves, they cannot claim any grievance allege. But this is not true. If you are working in sector where danger is there in every step you can claim compensation for any injury or misfortune. Apart from the construction, employees of sector any other working sector that involves danger in every step can claim such injury allege.

  1. 2.      Remedial claims:

Medical is another ground where being a customer you have full right to claim compensation against any type of loss or harm. If you go to a doctor and in case you get harmed anyhow rather than benefitted you can claim for the medical ill-treatment. Basically the doctors or the other medical professionals are serving the society the best for several years. But still sometimes they mistake. Often it happens that being a patient you do not get the needed respond or if you are not placed in a proper place and suffer from any type of physical or some other problem due to this, you are highly entitled to claim compensation for that.

  1. Claim for occupational transgression:

Like the previous two cases this is another ground where you can claim compensation for any type of negligence or misconduct. There are hundreds of cases you will get to see of professional misconduct. It is true that in this case you have some responsibility. For example if you are taking advice of a financial advisor you must make it sure that he is certified and FAC approved. If it is not ten you are responsible as you did not do necessary research. But if you get harmed yet following each and every needful step you can claim for compensation.

All in all as a customer be aware of your rights and use it properly.

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