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Welcome to the world of personalized koozies. The best in keeping your drinks and beverages cool. Koozies are small handy devices that is consists of foam or neoprene, fabric which keeps your drinks cool. Personalized koozies can be made to carry the date of the event including some advertisements for branding purposes for corporate and social events. They also come in bottle shapes, canned koozies, thermal koozies which is specially made to keep beverages hot.
Personalized koozies can be tailored to your designs, expectations and special events such as weddings as wedding gifts, events, get-togethers, birthday, anniversaries etc.
There is always a koozies for whatever event/programme or need for you. There are various types or packages of koozies. There are the water bottle koozies which are used like water bottles and can be taken out with you. Secondly, there is the collapsible koozies which can be folded to fit pocket sizes and can be placed on flat tops. Other koozies types include neoprene koozies, zip-up koozies, slip on and foam koozies. A lot of online stores and sites offer personalized koozies.
This koozies website offers you a wide range of options for your orders. This includes getting samples, up to blank koozies with no design on or option of submitting your own artwork for use on koozies of your choice, colour samples, text artwork, minimal or full artwork.
With a user friendly website, Kustom Koozies offers you online support with pricing details and how to check the status of your orders once you place an order. Also for those weary of internet orders, the website has a koozie cooler order form in word document and PDF format to be downloaded, filled and mailed to their contact address. Once payments have been made, your order will be processed and shipped to you.
For business minded individuals, it is a cool sure way to make extra money. An individual can contact corporate firms and offer to do corporate gifts, branding and promotional items for them. You can order for samples from the website and show them to the company, and once they approve any of your samples, you can now make orders for the quantity needed by the firm thus creating a huge business for yourself.
With a friendly and easy to navigate website, Kustom Koozies has a beautiful hompage that shows you various types, designs and colours of koozies. Get started today and stand out at your event.

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