Landlord Tips: Top Gadgets To Buy For Your Property

When you’re trying to attract student tenants to live in your buy-to-let property, one thing that will definitely make your house or flat more appealing is to stock it with modern gadgets. Young people are extremely tech-savvy these days and can’t live without their mod-cons, so living in accommodation with the newest appliances could really set your property apart from the others in the market.

Here are five top gadgets you should definitely consider putting in your rental home.

  • Flatscreen TV

Televisions are a necessary part of students’ everyday lives, whether viewers keep up to date with their favourite soaps, use the TV to watch DVDs with their girlfriends or boyfriends, or play computer games with their friends. However, these days you can’t just put any old TV in your student property, as the standard of modern technology has improved vastly over the last few years.

If you’re going to fit a TV, opt for a flatscreen one you can mount on the wall. Not only is this a space saver, but by attaching it, you can also guarantee there’ll be little damage done to it, as it cannot easily be taken, kicked or smashed.

It is also a good idea to have a TV with in-built Freeview; these days, most people rely on more than just terrestrial channels on their television sets. That’s why students might be inclined to give your property a second consideration if you have Freeview, as it means they don’t have to sign up to a satellite channel provider or buy a Freeview set themselves.

  • Microwave

Student diets have never been the best, with lots of university goers preferring cheap and fast meals as opposed to hearty homemade diners. Microwaves are, therefore, another useful appliance to have in the house or flat, as it means they can prepare plenty of meals without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

You can make a number of things in the microwave nowadays, from baked potatoes to porridge, so it is probably one of the appliances students rely upon the most when they leave home and have to feed themselves. If you get a high-tech combination microwave that can defrost meat, grill food and bake cakes, you can avoid getting a separate oven as it will cook everything as well as a conventional oven does.

  • Coffee machine

Long gone are the days where students are happy with supermarket brand teas and instant coffees. Most young people have been drinking at high street cafes since their early teens, and therefore have grown discerning tastes for a good hot cup of coffee.

It could therefore be a treat to have a fancy coffee machine in their student accommodation, and may certainly sway some prospective tenants into moving in. You don’t have to get an extremely expensive one – after all, it has to be worth its investment and not cost more than the extra advertising you’d have to do to get a tenant in without your mod-cons. However, a simple electric espresso coffee machine will suffice, enabling students to enjoy the rich aroma of freshly-made coffee every morning.

  • IPod Dock

One of the main components of a student’s time at university is having fun with their friends, and there’ll be lots of times they’ll want to invite their pals over to listen to some music and catch up. In these incidences, having an iPod dock that can be moved around the house is particularly useful.

Not only does it enable students to listen to their favourite tunes whenever they want to, but they’re also great for social gatherings and parties. Anyone can plug their iPod into the dock, which means there’s an infinite number of playlists tenants can listen to, and a system with good speakers will be ideal in large social spaces like the living room or an open-plan kitchen.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

While this might not sound like a fancy mod-con, having a vacuum cleaner in the property could be very appealing for many students. Young people won’t like the idea of having to pay for their own Hoover, particularly international students who might only need one for a matter of months.

Students might not be the most efficient cleaners, but if a vacuum cleaner is already in their utility cupboard, they have no excuse not to tidy up after themselves. This is great news for you, as it means your property investment will be well looked after while tenants are living in it, so you don’t need to worry it is becoming incredibly dirty and worn out.

Other fancy extras

These are the main contemporary appliances that will make your student property more appealing than others, but if you really want to attract lots of interest in your accommodation, consider buying a couple of the following:

  • A games console
  • An iPad
  • Surround-sound speakers
  • Cordless telephones
  • Fancy kitchen appliances

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