Learn to Become a Tax Preparer to Earn Extra Income

Have you ever given any thought to a new career?  If you like to help others with their finances, you may want to become a tax preparer.

As tax season approaches, many people need help preparing taxes.  If you are earning income from a variety of sources, your taxes may be more complicated than normal.  Becoming a tax preparer is a great way to earn some extra money or you can even earn a full time income as a tax professional.

This is a vibrant market with lots of demand.  Everyone needs to prepare a tax return and the laws are constantly changing.  More and more people need the help of a tax professional.  The demand is even greater during tax season.

There are a number of schools or online programs that offer classes on tax preparation.  Online classes are a great way to learn especially if you already have a full time schedule and want to learn a new career on the side.  You can take classes and learn at your own pace.

A good course will offer classes as well as training and preparation for the tax preparer exam.  You will learn about all the common tax preparation situations:

  • When someone should file a tax return even when it’s not required
  • Who can be claimed as a dependent
  • When to take standard deductions and itemized deductions
  • How to calculated different tax credits and deductions
  • Depreciation strategies
  • And other tax saving strategies

You don’t need to be an expert at math or have a background in accounting in order to be a tax preparer.  A good online course will teach you all the fundamentals to be a valuable tax professional in the field.

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