Losing weight while earning from blogging at the same time

Blogging might not be easy money, or big money, or quick money, but it can very easily be “fun money” at times. Many a bloggers have managed to turn their passions, hobbies, interests, professions, ambitions, even shortcomings, and miseries into a well reputed blog. In fact, these blogs are quicker in gaining fame and attracting loyal readership because the blogger speaks from heart and share first hand experiences, instead of just rephrasing or rewriting articles from other sources.

Losing weight & Making Money via Blogging:

If you are one of those hundreds and thousands of overweight fellows, who are looking to start a weight lose regime, and you happen to be reading this article, here’s the good news. You can turn it into a fun and money-spinning activity by launching a blog and just sharing your personal experiences, from researching for the right diet or exercise plan from using different exercise equipment or other similar products. All you need to do is to make a note of your personal experiences, while keeping in mind the following points.

Stick to your niche:

Even before you start your blog, you will have to identify your niche and then stick to that niche all through your blogging time. It’ll be quite easy to figure out a niche in this case, for example if you are a housewife, your niche could be “losing weight for housewives”, and similarly if you are a 9 to 5 office worker, your niche will be “weight control and fitness for 9 to 5 workers”. Sticking to one particular niche would allow you to stay on the right track, build loyal readership, and it’s good from SEO perspective as well.

Be Dedicated:

Stay dedicated to both, your cause as well as blogging. Just like you need to follow a strict diet and exercise plan for quite some time, in order to loss weight, similarly you will have to continue blogging for quite some time, in order to get the monetary benefits. You have got to document each and everything, from a new diet plan that you are going to try, along with the reasons, to some new exercise equipment that you have recently purchased, or some inspirational message that you’ve stumbled upon.

Be honest even if you’re failing:

Being honest with your readers is very important; people expect a blogger to be honest, you’ve got to share the truth, even if you are totally failing at your attempts. Doing so will not only win the trust of your readers; it will also get you some motivational messages, or helpful tips from some readers who have gone through the similar phase, helping you to get back on track. Similarly, a great deal of honesty is required if someone with a “xyz” product or diet plan gets in touch and offers you a commission for every sale you make, never promote a product just for monetary benefits, there are plenty of ethical ways to earn via blogging that you can utilize.

Don’t stop in the halfway:

Be it your weight loss objective, or blogging, you are bound to get some setbacks and downtimes. When they come, you have got to keep going. The road to glory is rarely smooth, if it was an easy ride, everybody would be heading towards the victory stand. What differentiate the victorious from those who got stumped in the halfway is the dedication to persist and the desire to carry on, even when the milestone is nowhere in the sight.

Keep all of the aforementioned points in mind and your blog will be getting the traffic in next to no time. Once you have got the traffic coming to your blog, you can start making money via AdSense, posting relevant discount coupons for websites like diet to go or ediets, or affiliate marketing.

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