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In a society entirely based on consumption, very few people are actually at keeping track of their personal finances and making sound monetary decisions. Most of us, mortals, have to turn to our credit cards or generous friends at a certain point in time, usually a few days before the paycheck, because we really had to buy that thing we don’t really need and started to hate when we got home anyway. Yes, we aren’t very good at keeping track of our spending and that is costing us a lot. Luck for us, though, our technology has become smart enough and can actually assist us where we are the worst – personal finance management. If you’re not insulted by the fact that a piece of software can be more responsible with your money than you are, then delve in and let’s see what sorts of apps are out there and how can they help.


We kick off the list with one of the more expensive, but undeniably most functional apps money can buy. iBank gives you the opportunity to track your financial data like no other app. First of all, you can import older financial data, which means you can look for patterns (such as spontaneously buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have) and tendencies and possibly create new and beneficial habits to mitigate the effects of unplanned shopping sprees.

Another great function you can use is budgeting. The app enables you to create a budget so you can plan your future expenses much better. After you’ve taken a look at your data, you can even make some changes and cut your expenditure in some fields (and we all know there are too many things we pay for without actually needing).


Koku’s main focus is to help you keep a close eye on your finances and your spending. If you’re getting a sense of deja vu, don’t worry – it’s normal; most of the apps of this sort basically offer similar functions but with different degree of focus. Tracking your spending is always a good idea, and since you’re going to be doing it anyway, you might as well enjoy it. Koku’s beautiful design and excellent features will help you forget you’re using a financial application. Be that as it may, you can still link to hundreds of banks and directly monitor your accounts. If you’re not too much into cash and use mostly cards and checks, then Koku will make things much easier for you.


Pun intended! If you’re too lazy to create a budget yourself, then leave that Cashculator. All you need to do is input your income and expenses and the app will do the rest. Instead of telling you what incredible financial mistakes you’ve made in the past, Cashculator focuses on helping you prevent them in the future without leaving you with the inevitable sense of guilt and self-loathing you’re going to feel if you realize how much you’ve spent on junk food and energy drinks last month alone (or is it just me?).


This is one of the most user-friendly applications you will ever come across. It’s truly magnificent in its simplicity. The app basically walks you through everything you need to know and does just what you’ve bought it for – it helps you save money and it saves you time, in the same instant. It packs a wide variety of functions with an easy to use interface, making it the perfect app for newcomers in the field of responsible personal finance management.


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