Maintaining your own E-Commerce Site

With so many people enjoying the ability to shop online and so many companies selling online, it’s important to properly maintain your e-commerce website so that it gets noticed as much as possible.

Maximize Uptime

An e-commerce website is useless if it has too much downtime. If your customers can’t find your site to browse and make a purchase, it’s very likely they’ll turn to your competition. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a competent IT service such as Ottawa IT services to support, manage and backup your servers behind the scenes. A quality IT service can also help keep your computers and network running optimally, so you’re always ready to make sales and support your customers.

Optimize for Search Engines

The key to maximum visitors is search engine optimization. This will help to ensure that whenever a prospective customer searches for the types of product you sell, your site will show at or near the top of the search engine results. Fortunately, Google offers in-depth webmaster guidelines to help ensure that search engines and your customers can find and understand your site.

Beware of Content Fatigue

Have you ever been frustrated by the barage of ads, content and information found on the Internet? That’s known as content fatigue. It can happen to both website creators and people viewing your site. To avoid this, make sure you’re mindful of how you present your content to your visitors.

Update Your Site Often

As there are so many different e-commerce websites published, it’s important to keep yours looking fresh and cool while maintaining its functionality. Potential customers are more inclined to stay and browse your site if it doesn’t look messy and outdated, but if it looks cool it will capture their attention and they’ll be more likely to browse for longer and find something they want to buy. As more people are using tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, it’s also important that you optimize your space for mobile browsing.

Browse Your own Site

How often do you browse your website and view it the way a customer would? This is an important step that many people miss. Visit your site often to ensure everything is accurate and up to date. Check for missing pages, missing images, broken forms and links or anything that may indicate there’s a problem with your site.

Back it Up often

Your IT service should offer regular backups of your entire site- how often will depend on how often you update and make changes to your site. But make sure it’s backed up regularly so if a disaster happens you’ll be able to perform a full restore and not lose anything.

With a little bit of web design knowledge or by using one of the many design tools available, building your own e-commerce site is fairly quick and easy. However, building the site is only stage one of the process. It’s also vitally important that your site is maintained, backed up and updated regularly to ensure every potential customer can find it. These tips and a good IT service will help you ensure you get the most uptime, views and sales possible.

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