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  1. Steve


    All these are big-time time killers. they will sink the ship of productivity in no time flat. I would add social networks to this list too.

    While you CAN use these to BE productive…overuse also kills productivity. Best bet is to limit your interaction to a few times a day and be stringent about it.

    Sort of the same for everything on the list. If you want to watch 2 hours of TV a night, schedule it…and make sure that is ALL you do. At least that way you KNOW what type of a hit your productivity is taking and accept it.

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    1. Richard

      Hi Steve,
      Definitely self discipline is key. I am really cognizant of limiting TV in particular because I have a 3 year old son at home. Lately, I find that he asks for TV a little to frequently for my liking. So, I try to find other kinds of activities for him to do and it keeps me productive at the same time. Plus, I want to set a good example for him.
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  2. @FreelanceKicker

    Your mention about free online games made me smile on the inside. I leave my Farmville page open while I work. I originally told myself that it was only to pass the time while I waited for something to download or my FTP changes to finish up, but I've definitely seen it eat it's share of extra time. This was a great post.

    1. Richard

      That's one of my big vices too. I have to stay away from the time consuming online games and stick to those that are really quick to play when I take a short break. If I play anything complex, I totally get sucked in for hours.
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  3. Mika Castro

    I must say that it really helped me personally. I had such a bad issues the last couple of months working in the office. However, after reading this article, i think this is the best time to avoid distractions and going down to concentrate even more.
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    1. Richard

      I too get distracted easily in the office. Sometimes, I take work home just to get away from the distractions.

  4. pencil drawings

    It’s not only about making money online it’s also valid for anyone that works from home.
    The hardest part when you are working from home is to stick to a schedule. Because you are your own boss you tend to take longer and frequent breaks, either for food, browser games, social networks, quick naps or other domestic activities.
    Being your own boss is all about being able to focus and stick to a well defined schedule. You shouldn’t “take it easier” just because no one’s around to check on you, but you should push yourself into working harder as you don’t have a fixed paycheck. Think that the more you work the more you make so being lazy and wasting time actually costs you money.
    Dan from pencilonpaper

    1. Richard

      I actually find the opposite. When I work at home,, I often lose track of time with work and forget to take breaks. This is the flip side of the coin when working at home. However, when you do get distracted, you can also lose track of time doing your other activities as well. That’s why it’s so important to keep to aaa schedule.

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