Making Money While You Sleep with Candy Vending Machines

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You have seen those candy, gum, and trinket vending machines in stores – the square glass box on a pole with a coin slot and a crank handle on the front. Now, think of how many times you have seen someone service these small machines. It’s easy money. It’s easy money that you can make while you sleep because as long as people can get to the machines, they are buying the products.


These vending machines are always inside a store. This is security you don’t have to pay for. If the store is robbed or burglarized, the chances are small that your machines will be taken or broken into. The amount of money the thieves may get is just not enough.

If your machines are damaged or taken, your property should be covered under the store’s general insurance.


Over the course of a day, the money from a hundred or more vending machines can amount to $1,000 or more. You spend only a few minutes per machine emptying the money and replacing the candy inside.

The major upfront investment is the vending machines. That out of the way, the only expenses you have left are the vehicle to get from location to location and resupplying candy. bulk candy can supply vending machine needs at prices competitive with warehouse superstores. All you need to do is watch what candy sells and what doesn’t.


Merchants often give space for these devices since many of them also offer a share of the proceeds for local civic clubs or charities. For vending machine owners, this does mean making contact with a local civic club. The local chamber of commerce usually has this information.

Sometimes you can get a member of a club to go around with you to the various merchants to help you get space for your vending machines. It’s hard for a business owner to say no to someone from the community, especially someone in a community service organization.


Over time, you’ll learn how often to service the various vending machines. Some may need weekly attention. Others may get by every month to every six months. Keep the merchandise in the machines from going stale. Even those your customers may only be spending .25 to .75 cents on a product, it still needs to be quality – as one bad vending machine experience can turn them off for life.

If owning your own business and setting your own hours appeals to you, consider starting a vending machine route.  A vending machine business is a great way to start your own business without the hassle of high start-up capital or hiring a dozen employees.  All you need is a little bit of driving, quality product, and start-up funds that are equivalent to most people’s general savings accounts.

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