Managing Your Reputation as an Employer

Your reputation as an employer reflects on your company brand as a whole.  Employer brand management incorporates every aspect of the employee experience.  Having a reputation as a good employer that brings a total package for your employees not only helps you recruit talent, but overall will keep your company moving smoothly towards your goals.

Many employers are beginning to realize the importance of managing their employer brand.

Good employer brand management starts with good communication and then incorporates the entire employment experience.  Start with creating a value based culture within your company that is communicated with all your employees.  Demonstrate that you believe in your value proposition.  You can’t simply talk about it, you need to live your brand.

Build on trust with your employees.  When they see that you believe in your value proposition, they will start to believe.  This will then reflect in their interactions with your customers.  In essence, this is an internal marketing strategy that will eventually trickle on to your customers and the general public.

Effective employer branding will raise moral and result in a positive attitude that benefits all your employees and your business as a whole.

Some employers hire outside companies that specialize in employer branding.  You can see some of the services that such a company can provide here.

A good employer branding company will assist with:

  • recruitment strategies development
  • communication and concept development for the employer brand
  • individual employer branding campaigns
  • assistance with social medial and marketing

It’s important these days to manage all aspects of your businesses reputation.  Not only how your business is seen on the outside, but also it’s internal reputation.  If both your internal reputation and external reputation are consistent, then your business has a greater opportunity for success.

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