Managing Your Reputation – Eight Tools To Try Out

These days, you really cannot get by in business without actively managing and maintaining your reputation. There’s just too much information out there from all corners for you to not play an active role in the way you and your brand come across to clients, customers and peers from across your industry – complacency is a risk you cannot take.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools to help you along your way, making it easier than ever before to know who’s saying what along with where and why. Some are free of charge and some pack a pretty punchy price tag, but each and every one has something to help – here’s a look at 10 of the best to give thought to:


Radian6 is consistently rated as one of the best reputation management tools on the market today when it comes to keeping track of things on social media and other platforms. If you’re the kind of brand that regularly pops up in social media circles across a large geographical area, Radian6 is a simply must-have tool for brining to your attention what people are saying about you and from where they are saying it.

Sentient Metrics

Always a tool of choice for the proactive business, Sentient Metrics has a reputation for being one of the best when it comes to controlling and monitoring brand reputation across news sites, forums and blogs. You can look specifically to find examples that are negative, neutral or positive in order to target what it is that’s of more interest and importance to you at the time. A great feature is the automatic email sent to you in the event that any bad press is picked up at any time.

Reputation Defender

By name and by nature, here’s a complete solution for anyone looking to take a hands-on role in the preservation or furthering of their company’s reputation and authority. Not only does RD make it relatively simple to locate and remove any negative press or coverage you may find around the web, but it is also deeply rooted in SEO and can help boost your brand’s exposure too.


One of the best things about uBerVu is the way that it works in real time – you can see what’s going on with your reputation as it happens. A powerful social media tool, the software pulls together loads of information regarding your brand’s reputation in order to carry out analysis and generate reports on trends, fluctuations and areas of interest to you.


Another paid tool though hugely affordable at just over $25 per month, Trackur has the power to dig into millions and millions of websites, news pages, blogs, forums and social media sites to find out all the information you could ever need to better manage your online reputation. Even better, it’s also offered with a 10-month free trial so you can see how it works before signing up!


Visible is a paid tool that delivers a rich suit of features for the marketing and research professional. It has been designed primarily with the kind of business in mind that is 100% committed to listening to feedback, reviews and reports from its target market in order to make improvements and get ahead.


There are free and paid plans available with Mention, which is designed to keep a close eye on various social media platforms and other forums to bring to your attention anytime a brand, name or even any keywords associated with you. What’s really great with Mention is the way in which it not only provides a detailed daily report on what’s been going on, but also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android so you can retain full control while on the move.


Attentio is nothing less than a fully-functional Social Media Dashboard that’s all about digging deep into the biggest social networks to make sure that each and every time your brand or your name is mentioned, you know about it. A great tool for knowing what’s causing positive chatter and where you’re going wrong.

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