Market the Smart Way: Boost your Business with Promotional Pens

Whether you own a small boutique or a chain of successfully running restaurants, it is important that you regularly promote your business to remain in your customers’ minds. Promotion is an integral part of marketing, which helps you find your niche audience, allowing them to remain updated about your offerings. While there are several ways to popularize your brand, you should go for the most cost-effective and penetrating of all – promotional giveaways.

For several decades, promotional merchandise such as quality promotional pens, mugs and customized bags have been used for brand awareness by popular brands such as Apple and Coca-Cola. The reason why these big brands promote themselves with quality promotional pens and mugs is not only the low costs but also the utility value associated with such products. In other words, promo items help keep your brand name and image in the consciousness of your existing and potential customers.

Here are some reasons why you should boost your business with promotional products:

1.       To attract new clients for your business

Usually, whenever someone wants to spread the word about their business, they visit people related to their industry and exchange business cards. You can do the same but along with a promotional item like economy pens. Giving away a simple gift like economy pens will not only help you stand apart from your competitors, but also leave a positive impression on the recipient. Your business card may get tossed out but your free gifts will most likely be used and remind your potential client of your business.

2.       To show your appreciation

Promotional giveaways are a great way to show appreciation towards employees and existing clients. Acknowledge their alliance by presenting them with quality promotional items, as they are responsible for bringing in the most revenue for your business. Plan out events such as Employee Appreciation Day and gift inexpensive promotional pens imprinted with your company logo. Go online and purchase a bulk of inexpensive promotional pens to meet your business needs.

3.       To gain repeated exposure

When it comes to marketing your business, ask yourself this question, “How can I keep my business in front of customers without spending a lot of money?” The answer is very simple – choose quality giveaways. For example: If you own a spa, get stress balls or hand towels imprinted with your company logo and give them away. Whenever customers use these items, they will remember your services and brand name.

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  1. Take the messaging on the promotional product a step further. On a pen, include more than just the brand name. Make the most of the space available and include a phone number and website URL.

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