You Might be the Weakest Link If: 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting that Raise

You Might be the Weakest Link If: 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting that Raise

After years of what you consider to be loyal service, you feel that it is time that you got a raise. But each time you talk to your manager about your salary situation, he informs you that the company is not interested in raising your pay at this time. Meanwhile, you notice that there are people around you getting raises and they have not been with the company nearly as long as you have.

In the corporate world, tenure does not always equate to a bigger salary. If you analyze your behavior in the office along with your work habits, you will probably find several good reasons why you are not getting that raise.


It all started innocently enough when you showed up about five minutes late one day. Your boss saw you, but nothing was said. Since then, you have stretched that out to between 10 and 15 minutes late each and every day. No one complains, so you figure that everyone is good with it.

When you are an adult and you take on a job, it is up to you to decide what kind of impression you want to make on people. If you decide to be late to work everyday, then that shows that you are unreliable and disinterested in the growth and success of the company. With a track record like that, a raise is out of the question.

Long Breaks

Your lunch hour has turned into a lunch hour and 15 minutes. There are even days that you stretch it out to a 90-minute lunch. As with the tardiness in the mornings, no one said anything, which made you conclude that it was acceptable.

Taking longer than allowed breaks is a violation of company policies and also shows, once again, that you are unreliable. Along with tardiness, taking long breaks sets a pattern that tends to cast a negative shadow over your work performance.

Doing Just Enough To Not Lose Your Job

You are one of those employees that never volunteers to help with company functions and never puts out an extra effort when the company needs help after hours. You do just enough to keep your job, so that dissuades the company from investing more in your services.

Avoiding Training

Your company offers performance support in the form of training sessions on a regular basis. Instead of taking advantage of that extra training, you decide to skip out on it. If you are not going to put any extra time into learning what the company needs you to learn, then why should the company invest any more money in the time you give?

Not Expanding Your Educational Base

Employees that work their way up the corporate ladder always need to expand their educational base. That means that you need to put in extra time outside the office to take classes and go to seminars that will help you to become more valuable to the company. If you are not willing to invest in the company, then the company will not be interested in investing in you.


Insubordination does not need to be dramatically noticeable for it to affect the manner in which your manager looks at you. If you are constantly unwilling to help out with departmental projects and show no respect for your manager, then you are probably not worthy of a raise.

Lack Of Respect For Co-Workers

A company normally gives raises to employees that set good examples for the rest of the staff. If you show no respect for your fellow co-workers, then giving you a raise would be a bad idea. You need to be helpful to others and act as a resource to your fellow employees if you want your income to go up.

Persistently Calling In To Work

Your unscheduled days off may seem legitimate to you, but they are a burden to the company. If you are constantly forcing the company to find ways to cover your responsibilities because of unscheduled days off, then the company will find it difficult to raise your salary.

Using Company Resources For Personal Needs

Do you take personal calls on the company’s phone system during work hours? Do you send and receive personal emails using your company email address? Are you shopping online during work hours? If you are doing any of this, then you are already taking more from the company than you should, so a raise is not coming.

Having A Bad Attitude

Your attitude is contagious to the people around you. If you have a good attitude, then you can be an asset to the company. If you have a bad attitude, then you are not offering any extra value to your employer.

It is time to start realizing that the reason you are not getting a raise is because of your actions. Take ownership of your job and work hard to get the raise that you feel you deserve.

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