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The time when the phone was just a means of communication passed long ago. Today’s smartphones combine features both of phones and computers. And if it has become a norm to earn money using your pcs, it is a bit unusual to hear that you can do the same with the help of your phone. And now I’m going to dispose this myth presenting several mobile applications for money earning.


WeReward application can be found in Google and Apple App Markets. WeReward team pays both for tasks and check-ins of users. One of the most used tasked is your photo with a product of a particular business. The base of businesses counts about 15 million of them, so there won’t be any problem to find the products you use daily and to make the task they suggest to do and pay for. First of all you earn the points that later can be exchange to money – $0.01 per a point. When you reach a $10 level, you can withdraw the money to PayPal.


Do you use lots of various applications? Do you share the opinion on them with your frineds? Do the same and earn money with AppRewards app. This iOS app pays for other apps reviews. Just like in previous application you earn the points and exchange them later to PayPal money. Another bonus of the app is a chance to get paid applications for free. Got interested?

Easy Shift

Do you often visit a grocery store? Do you want to help companies to trace out the dishonest sellers who set the wrong prices? And to get some money for it? Using Easy Shift application you may assign for an audit in a particular area and get cash for every successful report made.

Field Agent

Information is power. Especially in marketing. And many people are ready to pay for it. This application uses crowdsourcing to get the different types of data about business clients. These very clients are called “agents” who share their locations, photos, scanned barcodes, surveys results, etc. with the provider. And they are paid for it $3-12 per a job. The money can be withdrawn directly to a PayPal account. Nowadays, there are app versions for iOS only, Android might be coming soon.


Another way to make several extra bucks is to fill paid surveys. There are several successful services online, and this application allows you to do the same via you smartphone. iPinion is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry users. The earned point for surveys users may exchange to cash or some gift cards.

Surely, you can’t become a millionaire using these applications, but you may earn enough money to pay for the Internet or mobile phone or for any other monthly bill. Besides, my primary aim was to show the smartphones aren’t toys as they might have been considered before.

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This article was written by Katerina Merzlova from an Intellectsoft team of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile developers.

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