Mobile Monitoring Apps

Top mobile monitoring apps

By now there are hundreds of mobile apps in the market. Each app is representing different sphere of interest: entertainment, education, business. But that is not the only spheres that are popular in mobile application development. Now, the market is dumbfounded with an appearance of mobile monitoring apps.

Mobile monitoring is gaining its top position in mobile application development, presented in cell phone monitoring, home monitoring and health monitoring, which we are going to discuss in the article below.

Cell phone monitoring.

This type of mobile monitoring is one of the most popular in the field. It works both on iPhone and Android. After a quick installation of the app one can monitor target device remotely through PC or personal cell phone. The leading companies in the market are, fspy and mspy. The monitoring includes tracking text messages, calls, GPS location, emails, contact list and so on. Depending on the plan one can even browse internet behavior, social media and VoIP applications. Note that the person who is about to be tracked, has to be informed before installation. Cell phone monitoring is mostly used as a parental control to monitor kids under 18 years, employee control to prevent the leak of important corporate information and senior control to take care after senior parents.

Home monitoring.

This application is mostly used in security purposes, allowing the owner of the home, office, car to monitor it via cell phone while away. The monitoring is provided through digital cameras placed around the target building. The cameras have night and day vision with HD quality. The leading companies in the industry are mydlink and mhome. The app works on iPhone and Android. Home monitoring is as must-have for travelers and senior caretakers who want to keep an eye on the house remotely through PC or cell phone. The app is also popular among working parents who wish to track the babysitter with their kids, some people use this app to monitor their pet’s behavior, just for fun.

Health monitoring.

One of the recent know-how in mobile monitoring application is the appearance of health monitoring mobile applications. One can use health monitoring with a help of special health devices that have been approved by FDA in USA and complied by CE in Europe. The devices do not exceed 14 cm in size, which make it perfect to carry around. The devices are wireless and work via Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi connection needed. The leading company in the industry – iHealth is highly advertised on the primary stores like Apple Store and Google play. In total the company offers 5 kinds of products, which monitor blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, weight and so on. Such apps like ear monitoring an eye monitoring are mostly used in the third world countries due to the extreme lack of medical equipment. Overall, the app is highly used by senior people, travelers and caretakers.


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