Money saving tips for your family vacations

saving money for vacation

When you go on a vacation, it is common sense that you don’t want to spend a lot of money, because not having money is bad. For that reason it is a good idea to reduce money expenditure as much as humanly possible! In this regard we are going to discuss the basics of saving money and what to do to not seem like a complete and total cheapskate.

Pick the right time

It is normal for people to go on a vacation during the summer. This is all well and good, except for the fact that summer is indeed the most expensive time to go on a vacation. If you wish to save money, you should go on a vacation either before, or after the tourist season has begun. This way you are guaranteeing your family cheap flights, cheap hotels and cheap food.

Choose your destination carefully

Why take you family to a place that you absolutely know is expensive? A week in Greece? Think again! The best way to save money on a family vacation is to choose a destination that no one else seems to travel to. For example Africa and the Middle East are ten times cheaper than Europe or Asia or any other tourist-dense destination. Bring your family on a ride through the Congo River, or gaze at the magnificent Afghani desert. It is all good, as long as you save money but still provide some sort of recreational activities. Children for example are the easiest to fool; for them ever day is an adventure, regardless of the particular geographical location. Just tell them it’s almost like Disneyland and watch as the good times unfold.

Sleep Cheap

Everyone would enjoy a stay in a five star hotel, but how many of us can afford it? A much better (and cheaper) alternative is to stay in a dorm or a guest house. Sure it will be lacking in accommodations, and depending on the locals you can get robbed, but that is nothing compared to saving a few bucks, don’t you agree? And it doesn’t have to be that bad. Some ‘fine’ resorts offer second-class accommodations for only a fraction of the price!

Travel Light

If you are like me and you like to have a lot of your belonging handy (just in case), then you undoubtedly have some sort of a backpack to put all that stuff inside. Of course you cannot afford to take too much stuff, considering that you will be riding the bus most of the time. Public transportation is a lot cheaper than getting a cab to drive you around town. If you are going into another country, try to have Google Translate on your phone or something to help you understand bus-line schedules and stops’ names. Do not by any chance board any taxis; they can be very expensive and in some cases even dangerous.

Eat where everyone else is eating!

What is the point of eating at some fancy ‘local’ bistro, when you can get a Big Mac right across the street? The kids would prefer this solution way more than trying some yucky foreign ‘delicacies’, and you will most certainly keep your wallet nice and closed. If however your family insists on going to a restaurant; ask some local where the cheapest place to eat is and go there. The food might smell a little funky, but at least you are eating authentic local cuisine, and that is what going on a family vacation is all about.

By now you should have saved a bundle of money and are ready for the time of your life. Remember, it is not money that makes the good times roll, it is us and our loved ones enjoying time together.


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