Mortgage Companies Are the Loaners of the Social Media Party

What subprime crisis?  Affordable houses are everywhere.
It is clear that in today’s day in age, the age of computer technology, connecting and engaging through digital social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter is very important. Having a present voice on social media is like being at a huge party with all your current, future and potential clients. Most businesses and organizations have little problem socializing at these “parties” because they have relevant and interesting topics to discuss, share  and stir up conversation among the different kinds of guests. However, every party has those people who are just out of place. They do not share conversations or topics that appeal to the masses and end up in a corner with one or two other people for the remainder of the party.

Mortgage companies are the losers of the social media party. They’re the loaners stuck in the corner, the ones no one wants to talk to and the ones that are nearly invisible. Until you need them to do your home-work that is. Think about it though, who wants to ‘like’ a mortgage companies page? Not your average person that’s for sure. Maybe you like your mortgage company’s page because they give good advice here and there or maybe they were giving away a free iPad in order to boost their like number. That’s great and all but once that iPad is given away all their engagement leaves with it, and you’re left with the few people you started with. Answer this; How many mortgage company pages have you liked? So what is a mortgage company to do?

First things first. Just because you’re the loaner at the party, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Don’t get rid of your Facebook page!!!  Just because you’re stuck in the corner talking to the same three people you always talk to does not mean it’s not important to be there, you just never know when another loaner is going to show up in your corner looking to talk about mortgage. The fact is; mortgage companies are a niche market. They are the math geeks who only want to talk about numbers and science and other people only want to talk about that unless it is currently affecting their personal lives.

Mortgage companies not only have to attend the Facebook and twitter party but they must also be present at other parties as well. Parties that are better confined to their niche or make it easier to find it. A party where the whole room is full of people interested and ready to talk about current mortgage trends, the pros and cons of fixed rate mortgage vs. adjustable rate mortgages and why a FHA loans might be better for you. So where are these parties?

The problem with Facebook and the factor that sets it aside from other social media platforms is its inability to find people with common interest through the use of a hash tag or keyword search. If you are unfamiliar with the hash tag property; it is the pound sign (#) and is used in front of your #keyword or #topic, or anything else you deem important. What social media platforms utilize this?

Twitter is a great tool for companies with a tough crowed and sadly it is often times over looked. Twitter is the king, the mastermind, and the creator of our beloved hash tag.  Twitter is a place for people to express concerns and rant and rave about bad service. It is a place to share bits of information and a place to ask questions. For a company, twitter is all these things and much more. Not only is Twitter a portal into what people are saying about you as a company, but it is also a great place to seek out people who have questions about your niche and a chance for you to respond to those questions, all a while building up your reputation as an expert in your field.

Google Plus is the goldmine. Join the Google Plus party if you haven’t already. Google Plus is crawling with people talking about mortgage, real-estate, money, business and much more. Google Plus is great because you can hash tag your key words in your post and then search those keywords. From there, Google plus presents you with a live stream of everyone who is currently talking about that subject or has hash tagged the same thing in their post. Google plus is also very beneficial from a SEO standpoint and WILL, eventually, become a must for all companies to not just join Google plus, but also join the conversation. Google plus is the King Kong of Twitter and Facebook; bringing the eye candy of Facebook, and the ease of conversation from Twitter all into one place. People just haven’t caught on yet.

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