A Myth About Seven Gods Of Email Marketing Template Design

You must have used a few email marketing templates as an internet marketer. Or, on the other hand, if you are still searching for one, you must have browsed a few such templates. Have you ever found the perfect email marketing template? Probably not, because there isn’t anything like “perfect”. However, your template can be a really great one that has all the essential elements of a successful email marketing template in it.

But can you identify such a template?

Do you know the differences between an average email marketing template and a really great one that will play a crucial role in your email marketing campaign’s success?

In this post, I will be discussing 7 essential elements that make an email marketing template really successful. Whether you are designing a template or looking to buy one for your marketing campaign, keep an eye out for the following 7 essential elements.


Header and pre-header are the like the head of a dragon – it’s the most vital part of your email. Cut the head off, and the dragon dies. Pretty much like any living creature.

Usually, the header is considered as the first major element of any email template. It sets the tone of your email, and therefore, it has to be as perfect as possible.

In a nutshell, a header contains the following elements:

  1. The logo or your business.
  2. The navigation links
  3. Links to any other important content that you would like your readers to visit.

A very common technique is to keep the navigation links very similar to that of your website. It creates a sense of uniformity and consistency.

Another best practice is to highlight the navigation links that you want your readers to visit the most. In most circumstances, it is the landing page of your website.


What do you do when you go out for shopping? How do you determine whether you want to go inside the shop or not?

You take a long, hard look at the windows of that shop, trying to see what is inside the store. And if anything grabs the attention, you open the door, go inside, browse around and buy a few products. The pre-headers of an email often do the same things for an email marketer.

In an email template, the pre-header has a very important value of its own. A successful email marketing template should have a pre-header with at least the following elements:

  1. An automatic link to see the hosted version of the email.
  2. A link to go for the “lite” version of the email.
  3. A brief description of the email – with attractive fonts and colors.


For a long time images in emails were considered to be something like Medusa, who turned people to stone once they looked in her eyes. Email services and clients went out of their way to try to protect users from seeing images and blocked them. The times have changed. Very recently, Google has changed the way Gmail loads and displays images. From now on, Gmail will load all the images by default and will display them automatically. It is expected that all the other email clients will also catch up with that soon.

The right image can say a thousand words. This saying fits perfectly in email marketing and email marketing templates.

Whenever you are designing an email marketing template, always take into account the possibility of adding images to emails. Apart from that, a lot of email marketers hesitate a bit about adding images, because they are not sure that the email clients are going to display them. Well, as an email marketer, you shouldn’t worry about that.

So don’t hesitate in putting images in your emails. And for email template designers, they will have to put more importance on this essential element from now on.

Social Media Buttons

Social media integration has become a massively important part for any email marketing campaign. The email marketing template that you use should have an option of seamlessly integrating your email with social media websites via different buttons and links.

It is never a waste of space to add some social media sharing buttons. If you are tight on space, at least include the major websites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Responsiveness: “Protean” Email Template

In the Greek mythology, there is a god whose name is associated with flexibility, versatility and adaptability. His name is Proteus. “Protean” email template is a responsive email template that can adapt itself to look great on a display of any resolution.

Mobile devices are fast becoming the go-to platform for surfing internet and reading emails. If your email marketing template isn’t mobile friendly, it is simply a waste of time and resources.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important elements of any email marketing template. This is because approximately more than 50% people now read emails on their mobile devices and smartphones.

So if you are selecting an email marketing template for your campaign, put it at the top of your selection criteria. If the template isn’t mobile-friendly, simply drop it and move to some other one. If you choose the former, it’s enough to start with the basics of creating responsive email templates and work your way from there.

Powerful Call to Action

According to Greek mythology, the Sirens were beautiful feminine creatures, who lured the nearby sailors with their beautiful and enchanting music. Nobody could pass them so they had to… die. But let’s be more optimistic.

Let’s make our call-to-action as attractive, luring and enchanting as the songs of the Sirens.

What use there is of a marketing email if the call-to-action is dull and non-attractive?

An essential element of a successful email marketing template is its eye-catching and attention-grabbing call to action button. Ideally, it has everything right: the size of the call to action button, its placement, color combinations, etc.

The Slippery Slide Effect

“The slippery slide” is a concept that refers to the irresistible flow. Your email marketing template should be a designed in a way that the flow never stops. Once the recipient opens the email, from the pre-header to the footer of the email, every element should be designed and placed in a continuous flow.

There should be no restriction or obstruction in the way. There are subtle techniques that you can use for creating the slipper slide within your email template. The right color combinations and placement of different elements will be the most important factors in that.

So these are the 7 essential elements of a successful email marketing template. If these elements are present in a template, your email marketing campaign is more likely to succeed.

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