Do You Need an Agent to Buy Life Insurance?


Buying life insurance is a process that is necessary for people who have family members who depend on them financially. However, this process is one that can often be a bit confusing. Thankfully, it is a process that generally only has to be done once, or perhaps twice in your life. When you are shopping for life insurance, you should do everything that you can to research your options so that you can get a good policy that is both reliable and affordable. Here are some of the things that you should know about researching a life insurance policy.

Research Before Contacting an Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are the source through which most people get their insurance plans. An insurance agent will know everything that you need to know about the policy that you are buying. I myself don’t recommend a higher premium just to make more money, however be wary of agents that are financially motivated to get you to buy a more expensive policy than you necessarily need. They will make a commission fee for any policy that they sell. While the majority of insurance agents aren’t necessarily dishonest, you should have a general idea of what you need and how much you will be spending before you contact an agent. Knowing what you’re getting into will prevent you from getting ripped off.

Doing Research


There are a number of websites that can help you find out everything that you need to know about different life insurance plans. There are many online resources that will compare dollar figures between different plans so that you can find the best deal. Many of these resources are unaffiliated with any companies, meaning that they are unlikely to give you a biased view. However, they also want to sell you a policy. It is best to use these types of sites to get a rough idea of what kinds of expenses you’re looking at, then speak to an agent you already have a relationship with, or choose an agency you find doing your research that is the most helpful to you in terms of answering your questions, offering competitive quotes, and one that doesn’t go for the ‘hard sell’.

Professional Help

Although insurance companies hire insurance professionals to help guide your purchase to a pricey insurance policy that is offered by their company, there are also many independent services that can help you find the best plan across a number of different companies. Such an agent may be necessary so that you don’t make any mistakes in your research or overlook any of your needs. The help of an insurance professional is especially necessary if you have any extenuating or unusual circumstances that need to be considered.

Ultimately, when you are shopping for a life insurance policy, you will eventually want to consult a professional to make sure that you have all of the coverage you need without any exceptions that could undermine the value of your policy. However, you should know what all of your needs are as well as a ballpark estimate of how much you will wind up spending on premiums. By doing all of your research ahead of time, you will be far less likely to be persuaded to purchase a plan that costs more than you need to spend.

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Liran Hirschkorn is an independent life insurance agent. His mission is to help individuals across the U.S in finding the best rates on life insurance as well as helping those that have previously been declined get approved for coverage. Liran looks forward to speaking with you about your life insurance needs.

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