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Online contests bring you tons of benefits and most cases are worth the investment, even if said investment is quite significant. It all depends on the execution and goals, of course, but a well-timed and organized online contest can improve your conversion rates, raise awareness toward your brand or business, and even help you gather useful information about your customers. Good businesses want to always be one step ahead of their competitors. However, one of the most major mistakes managers do is focusing on what the competition is doing instead of coming up with something new and fresh. Consulting with your customers on how to improve your goods and services is a great way of getting an edge in your industry. Even though most business owners seem too proud to admit it, this is the way to go if you want to be successful.

The problem is that people today are busy and need some incentive to waste their precious time with your organization. If you want to receive feedback from more people, then organizing an online contest is a great way of doing so. Individuals would gladly fill out your survey if there is some prize involved. Some of them would be in only to win the contest and get the prize, thus will not provide you with useful information, but those people are a minority, so you don’t have to worry about them. But how can you get feedback from customers using online contests?

Content Creation

I’ve always liked the direct approach because it usually brings results. What is the direct way to get feedback from your customers via an online competition? Well, content creation relating to said feedback is by far the best way to do it. Simply ask people to create various forms of online content telling you what they like about your products or services. They can write articles, essays, reviews, make videos – you decide the forms you can actually manage to go through. By doing this you will be able to receive lots of feedback and see what people actually like and what they don’t. You can then capitalize on your findings and improve your services or products without a problem. In the end, you will be able to boost your sales and conversion rates on two levels – 1) you will improve your products and services, thus boosting your word of mouth recommendations and positive online image; 2) giving people the idea that your company cares about their needs is the way to shine over most other “soulless” businesses. Keep in mind that the better the reward is, the more people will enter the contest. Don’t be stingy and give as much as you can afford.


Using a survey is a bit of a more indirect way to get feedback from customers. I don’t like this approach, because personally I always go for the direct hits, but if subtlety is your style, you can easily utilize this approach. What you should do here is to create an online contest with a compelling prize, just like the one above. The difference is that here the competition can be about anything you can think of. That’s not really all that important, as long as it’s something people will be able to do. If the prize is compelling and people can easily perform what you ask of them, you will get many contestants. The only condition here is that you should include a brief survey of your products and services in the end. This way people will give you feedback, albeit not as detailed as the content creation contest. Utilize this tools and improve your business.

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