Online Marketing – Why? Because It’s Great!

Commercials – commercials all around. The majority of people gets bored or annoyed by traditional marketing and tends to avoid them altogether. Sometimes, the marketing companies even purposefully make annoying commercials in order to make people remember them. Traditional marketing usually uses something that is called the interruption marketing method. They will put a pause on your favorite TV show or movie and make you watch videos that try to persuade you that their products are the best. This is the primary reason this kind of marketing doesn’t work as well as it did in the past. People have gone to a whole new level of hating advertising! For example, large billboards have been banned from the center of Paris. There is a new wave of advertising in town and it brings with it a whole new philosophy with it.

People are using traditional marketing methods less and less because of the rise of the newest marketing platform. The great and powerful Internet! With the widespread of personal computers and the great lowering of prices of broadband, it is really no wonder that it reigns as the undisputed champion of all media. Another major reason for this shift is the fact that the Internet’s field for marketing playing is so vast and you can adapt your advertising style to your needs. The internet, when we look at it from a technical point of view, successfully combines all the media for entertainment, news and communication. It is all that and more and people have access to it from any location at any time through smart phones and tablets. This is the most present media so far in the human history. So aside from having such a large audience, it gives you the freedom to choose a creative way to attract audience without annoying them. You can actually get people to want to see your adverts, now it’s up to you to choose why.

Blogging – The creative writer

A Blog is a web page held by a writer who provides original content about a certain subject. By being interesting, trustworthy and entertaining they can gather a large crowd of followers. Sometimes, these blogs are held by companies for marketing purposes and sometimes they are held by people who blog as a hobby. In both cases, it is a tremendously good space for advertisement, in the form of ads or text itself.

Social Networks – The Willing Community

You can use social networks to reach people with your product or service you offer more easily. The key feature for me is the one where you can actually pick out people based on parameters of their personality, interests, age and much more. The social network environment can seriously influence a successful creation of an online community of people. This, if you look at it from a business perspective, are people who will create content, promote you and give you feedback and ideas for your new products.

E-Mailing Marketing – The newsletter redefined

This option is more of a transfer from a traditional marketing method to the virtual realm. As a direct consequence of this transfer, some changes to the method have taken place. For example, you don’t need a lot of money to start a newsletter online, because you don’t have to invest into propaganda material. The most interesting fact about it is that it no longer has an aggressive character. Newsletters are mostly voluntary these days and this change of attitude also reflects on to the type of material that is being sent to people. The material is genuinely useful and interesting and is done in such a way that people want to get a newsletter. This new found respect for the people and their attention is the reason it is far more successful than classic newsletter. Online email marketing requires you to have an online mailing list and that is all the investment you need.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the most used tools on the web and are used as primary way to communicate with the web. These search engines work by following certain rules of prioritization of search results. By following those rules you can make sure that your site is a primary result for certain terms by building its look and content to fit the engine’s requirements. This can also be done through blogs and DIY sites and so on.

A new age of marketing is here and it is ever-present, but it takes a new, more respectful way of marketing to people. Be sure to ride the wave, before it takes over and drowns you.


Author bio: Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger and SEO consultant with years of experience. His set of skills includes Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and blogging on a wide variety of topics. He writes for companies like UM Direct and has had a number of articles published on serious blogs over the years.

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Ivan Dimitrijevic is a seasoned blogger and SEO consultant with years of experience. His set of skills includes Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and blogging on a wide variety of topics. He has had many articles published on serious blogs over the years. His approach is direct, personal, professional and he will strive to use 100% of his knowledge and apply it to each and every project.

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