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Online shopping is one of the best advances in the use of web technology. Stores like Amazon that revolutionised this industry have paved the way for many major retailers to open online shopping platforms. The benefits of shopping online are numerous. They generally allow you to find a better deal than what you might get from the retail store. Further, retailers carry generic or big brand goods that may not satisfy niche tastes. If you live in a small town, it would be nearly impossible for you to purchase limited editions of your favourite novel without having to place a special order at your local bookstore. Online stores solve most of these problems and allow you to sample a vast variety of products.

It is common for a lot of us to use online shopping services for a large variety of applications like purchase of travel tickets, movie tickets, food, groceries, and even for paying bills. This means that a lot of your bills and confirmation orders are sent to your email leaving you the hassle of trying to track and organize the various online purchases that you have made. Slice is an app that saves you this hassle. It was released for the iPhone in 2011 and is now available for Android devices too.

It works by scanning your inbox for all the online purchases you have made by identifying purchase confirmation emails and their corresponding tracking numbers. The app then sorts your purchases and lets you view the items that you have purchased from a particular retailer. It automatically tracks the statuses of your open orders online. It also gives you an alert when a particular package has been shipped or delivered. It even lets you see what items are there in each shipment in case your items are shipped separately.

Some people may wonder about security precautions that an app of this nature should have, since it syncs with your email and scans your entire inbox. Slice uses the same encryption for data that banks use. Further, the data is encrypted at item level and not just account level or shipment level. This means that shipments cannot be tracked to individuals as each piece of information is stored separately. What is impressive about this service is that even in the case of troubleshooting, tech support uses screen shares. This is because the tech support does not have information about any individuals email address.

In summary, Slice is secure and snappy tool for any online shopaholic.

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