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The Internet is playing an increasingly important role in helping local businesses attract and maintain new customers. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can affect a customer’s decision to choose one service provider over another, and as a result small and local businesses need to ensure that their online profile is relevant, informative and very to the point.   There is a multitude of different software that can be bought for use improving a business’s online profile. Inorganic methods utilise advertising plans like pay-per-click, while organic methods establish search engine ranking and improve it through website reinvigoration and the exploration of possible references on other sites.   All local businesses interested in improving their online profile should aim to use organic methods only, as this will keep your site content fresh and these are much more appeasing to the customer. Advertising processes often drive customers away because they tend to obscure the information that is needed. One of the most successful types of organic method you can use is software known as local SEO tools.

What are Local SEO Tools?

SEO toolsSEO stands for search engine optimisation, and SEO tools are designed to improve your search engine ranking through a number of different ways. Search engine ranking is extremely important for local businesses, as when a potential customer searches for a company offering a specific service they are presented with a list of companies that do so within a certain geographical area.   The company whose website has the highest amount of weekly traffic will be placed first on the list, and the those with second highest traffic will be placed second and so on. Obviously you’re going to want to place higher than your competitors, if not first.   Local SEO tools can help you to achieve this, but the only way you’re going to be able to decide which tools are most suitable for you is through investigation. There are numerous companies offering local SEO tools for very reasonable prices, but it’s a good idea to buy such software from an established provider such as Brightlocal.

Important SEO Tools

You may feel a little overwhelmed trying to decide which tools are best for your business, but there are a few that all companies should acquire. The first thing you will need to get is a local SEO rank checker, as this tool examines the different search engines to establish how you’re ranked.

Another extremely helpful tool you should buy is an SEO check-up. This software searches the Internet and creates a list of every other website where your business has been mentioned. It also allows you to view what has been said, and if relevant and up to date contact information has been provided.

If you offer a service that can benefit from customer reviews, such as catering or entertainment, then I advise you to purchase a review software such as ReviewBiz. These programs create a section on your website where customers can leave their own personal reviews, and this is a great way to win over potential clients.

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