Moving to the Country

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

I really love living in the country and am happy that my husband and I made the move out of the city last year. We were really sick of all of the congestion and were worried that our kids weren’t going to get the kind of upbringing we wanted them to have. Living in a big city it’s really hard to control what influences your children. We were terrified about all of the things they had access to, and how that would influence them at such a young age. They were both starting to rebel, so we had to take action fast. Of course they resisted at first, but we think they are happier now too. There are certain things we had to sacrifice in order to move, but we think it was worth it. My husband now commutes a few hours for work and tries to work from home when he can. We’re lucky that his job allows telecommuting. He communicates with the office through the internet so we had to Get WildBlue to stay connected. Now he is able to send emails to work from home, so that has made things a lot easier on him.