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Tips For Mature Students Going Back To School

Not everyone’s path to learning is the same. Whether you’re attending college or university for the first time or you’re a returning post-secondary student, going back to school can be a daunting feeling. Many schools have resources specifically for mature students, which will support your academic career and life in general.

Family support

As an adult, you may have already started a family. Having children is not a reason to hold your career and life goals back. In fact, a sizable percent of the student body will be mature students with dependents. Depending on the institution, there may be a variety of ways that the school provides assistance to families. Most schools will have daycare. Some schools will even provide subsidized housing for low-income families.

Before enrolling or the start of the semester, consider your school and work obligations. Schedule work shifts, classes, and time for homework. Understand the amount of support you’ll need. If possible, consider your alternatives for child care. Perhaps an older sibling in the family can supervise the younger ones while you’re absent. Older family members, like grandparents, aunts, and uncles are also options. Be sure to discuss expectations ahead of time so that they understand the responsibility and time it will take.

Financing your studies

Post-secondary education is expensive. Budget ahead of time, taking into account savings, student loans, government support, spousal income, and other sources of income. Consult your school’s financial aid office for more information on assistance.

Relating to your peers

You are at an interesting point in your life where you have something in common with younger people as well as adults with your level of life experience. The difference in life perspective exists, but it should not be a barrier to understanding and even forming respectful relationships with younger students.

You may find that younger people are very curious to know about life outside of school, as they have limited experience. Providing insight to relationships or work difficulties puts you in a unique position.

As with many university or college courses, students may work together to form course outlines, study notes, and study sessions. Don’t feel excluded because of the age gap.

Managing stress in life

As a mature student, you may have more on your plate than some students. Between supporting yourself and your children, you are also responsible for cooking, cleaning, and other parental duties. As important as it is to manage the diverse obligations in your life, keeping a sustainable schedule will help you in the long run. Set manageable goals, with plans on how to complete them. Congratulate yourself when you do well, and ask for assistance when you struggle.

With the constraints on your time, you may not be able to devote as many hours to studying and review. This shouldn’t be a barrier to learning as much as you can. Instead, you can focus on being efficient on what you learn. Consider the course. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the point of the course?
  • What are the major topics or themes?
  • What exercises best illustrate what I’m supposed to learn?

Answer the following questions throughout the semester to decide what you’ll spend your time studying. Exchange class or course summaries from fellow students to compare your understanding from a different point of view. Many schools have old exams from previous years, which provide an invaluable learning resource for many.

Personal needs services

If computer use is daunting, universities and colleges routinely offer courses such as health care courses as to meet student needs. Some courses demonstrate basic skills, while others show students how to use specific programs. Proficiency in technology among young people vary, so you and many of your peers may share a similar level of comfort when it comes to computers. Show the initiative to refresh your memory.

Student tuition is distributed among various departments and groups on campus. Many of these services are available for access without extra cost, such as:

  • Mental health support
  • Learning disability support
  • Social services, legal aid, and other student representatives

To make the most out of your time and fees, review the options available to you. There are also fun activities too to help you enjoy being a student. Movie nights or trips organized by the student body government is a common privilege that can be enjoyed by all.

Above all, know that the decision to return to school is an admirable choice. As much hard work goes into your decision, remember to occasionally enjoy the life experiences of a student.

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Get More Traffic To Your Blog To Promote Your Business Through SEO Techniques

These days it seems as though practically everyone has a blog or is setting up a website. Some people do this to drive business to their company while others do it simply as a platform to express their own personal thoughts and feelings. Have you ever wondered why some websites or blogs get thousands of hits every single day while others do well to get 10? The key is understanding SEO techniques and using those techniques to drive additional traffic to your blog or website. If you are operating an online venue for the purpose of creating additional business for your company or you are relying on Internet traffic alone to sustain your company it is essential that you gain a thorough understanding of SEO techniques.
Learning About SEO
In short, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a fancy way of saying that various search engines like certain key words and phrases better than others. When you create content on your blog that is SEO dense, you are essentially driving traffic to your website because the search engines will place your site closer to the top of the search page when someone does a query that involves any of those words. SEO keywords that are only one are two words long are referred to as short tail keywords and SEO keywords that contain entire phrases are known as long tail keywords. If you fail to create content for your blog that is dense in SEO keywords you will get far fewer hits because less people will be aware of it.

Using SEO Techniques To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Many people balk at the idea of using SEO techniques because at first it simply sounds too complicated for people to use. However, it is actually much less complicated than it sounds. The important thing to remember is to utilize keywords in different combinations that are related to the article that you have written for your blog in order to garner the largest amount of traffic possible to the site. It simply requires that you sit down and think about the subject matter that is on your blog and then create a comprehensive list of keywords that relates to that subject. You then plug those keywords into content that you write for your blog, being careful not to use the keywords too much or too little. Generally speaking, using each keyword a few times throughout the article will work well. It is also a good rule of thumb to choose one keyword as the primary keyword and utilize it a few extra times.

The Benefits Of Increased Traffic

There are tons of benefits to having increased traffic on your site. If you are operating your site for the purpose of making sales for goods or services you are dependent upon a steady influx of traffic in order to maintain a successful business. It is equally important if you are utilizing a blog to voice your opinions about important matters. The more people that see the site, the more people have the opportunity to comment about the content that is on it and the more you are heard. Therefore, driving traffic to your site can have an untold number of benefits.

Monetizing Your Blog

In addition to driving more traffic to your blog, another way that you can make money with it is to monetize it by using a popular program that allows you to place ads on the blog in exchange for being paid a few cents every time someone clicks on one of those ads. It does not sound like it is a money making venture because you only get paid a cent or two every time someone clicks on the ad. However, the more traffic that you drive to the site and the more appealing the ads look, the more people will click on the ads. This is one way to build passive income which is extremely beneficial because this income can allow you to put extra money in savings or it can see you through during times when business is slow.

Be Your Own Person

One of the biggest pitfalls of people that are creating a blog in order to start a home based business is that there are plenty of people out there that will say that it is not possible and that there is no chance that it will be successful. The important thing to remember is that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you are going to have to learn to take risks and stay true to yourself. While it is important to listen to people who have more experience than you do in order to gain insightful knowledge, you must be careful not to let them discourage you to the point that you give up on your dreams.

Staying The Course

Driving traffic to your blog and monetizing it takes time. So does building a business. It is something that you will have to work at and you will have to be patient and persistent. Keep in mind that things that are worth having rarely happen overnight or without putting in a great deal of effort. Stay the course and keep working at it. You might be surprised if you put in the effort and the time at the things that you can achieve.

The hardest part about starting a blog is taking that first step.

The thing that makes most people hesitate about doing it is the fact that if you haven’t done it before it can be somewhat frightening. However, virtually anything that is worth doing is at least a little scary the first time out so it is important to keep things in perspective and give it a try. You might find that you love it and that you are exceptionally talented at it, which will help you drive additional traffic to the site. Take a step by step approach and start your blog. Once you have that figured out you can monetize it. Write articles that are SEO rich so that additional traffic is driven to your site. In time, you are likely to have several hits each day which will help you to make your business a success and get your voice heard at the same time.

7 Cool Jobs You Wish You Had

We are fortunate enough to have jobs especially in this economy, but you are probably lying if you say that you have never stared out the window and daydreamed about another job that is cooler than yours. Or maybe you have seen someone working a unique job and you felt the jealousy.

Some of the best and coolest jobs are difficult to attain, but there are some that are fun and attainable. Here is my list of the coolest jobs that you might have a chance at.

Screen Printer

If you are creative person with an eye for fashion then you should consider learning the art of screen printing. A screen printer’s job is to design and print custom t-shirts for sports teams, businesses and other organizations.

If you like design, art and creativity then this could be a good fit for you.

Social Media Manager

Chances are that you tweet and “like” daily on social media sites. How fun would it be to get paid for managing a business’s social media accounts?

Dog Trainer

Maybe I put this on the list because I love dogs, but who doesn’t it? I can see how one may not see this as an awesome job, but I think that you should reconsider. Not only can dogs be fun, but pet owners are willing to pay a lot of money for someone to train their dog so that they don’t have to. You might even get famous for doing it if you are good enough. Just look at Cesar Milan the dog whisperer.

Film Critique

Who doesn’t love watching movies and having an opinion about them? Film critiques have the task of letting the people know what movies are worth seeing before they come out. Granted, they are not always right (in my opinion), but someone is paying them to do it so good for them.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, that this is not an attainable job, but consider freelancing movie reviews for the local paper first or maybe blogging about movies. It could take you somewhere.


Whether you love creating fiction or discussing news and current events, writing is a field that most don’t consider when daydreaming about their dream job. Imagine getting paid for writing a story though, a chance to create something that people will read for entertainment or information.

Writing can be a powerful and effective medium for getting your thoughts and imagination out there to the masses. Consider starting your own blog to get a feel of what it’s like to be a writer.

Photo Journalist

Who doesn’t like traveling and documenting the adventure with pictures? Photojournalist have one of the coolest jobs. Paid to travel all over the world and take pictures of peoples, places, animals, events and more. If you love adventure then you would love being a photojournalist.


Who hasn’t dreamed of being an actor? Granted, the chances of that happening are slim, but if you work hard, meet the right people and get a shot at it then it could be the coolest thing ever. Meet new, interesting people, travel, build a name and reputation and the pay isn’t too bad either.

If you really think acting is something that you would be interested in then volunteer and get involved in your local theatre and see how that goes first before you pack up and move to Hollywood.

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By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a veteran who enjoys reading and spending time with his family and two dogs. Henry is a marketing consultant and content writer for his own digital marketing company http://www.texaseo.com/. Henry can be found on Google Plus.