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7 Cool Jobs You Wish You Had

We are fortunate enough to have jobs especially in this economy, but you are probably lying if you say that you have never stared out the window and daydreamed about another job that is cooler than yours. Or maybe you have seen someone working a unique job and you felt the jealousy.

Some of the best and coolest jobs are difficult to attain, but there are some that are fun and attainable. Here is my list of the coolest jobs that you might have a chance at.

Screen Printer

If you are creative person with an eye for fashion then you should consider learning the art of screen printing. A screen printer’s job is to design and print custom t-shirts for sports teams, businesses and other organizations.

If you like design, art and creativity then this could be a good fit for you.

Social Media Manager

Chances are that you tweet and “like” daily on social media sites. How fun would it be to get paid for managing a business’s social media accounts?

Dog Trainer

Maybe I put this on the list because I love dogs, but who doesn’t it? I can see how one may not see this as an awesome job, but I think that you should reconsider. Not only can dogs be fun, but pet owners are willing to pay a lot of money for someone to train their dog so that they don’t have to. You might even get famous for doing it if you are good enough. Just look at Cesar Milan the dog whisperer.

Film Critique

Who doesn’t love watching movies and having an opinion about them? Film critiques have the task of letting the people know what movies are worth seeing before they come out. Granted, they are not always right (in my opinion), but someone is paying them to do it so good for them.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, that this is not an attainable job, but consider freelancing movie reviews for the local paper first or maybe blogging about movies. It could take you somewhere.


Whether you love creating fiction or discussing news and current events, writing is a field that most don’t consider when daydreaming about their dream job. Imagine getting paid for writing a story though, a chance to create something that people will read for entertainment or information.

Writing can be a powerful and effective medium for getting your thoughts and imagination out there to the masses. Consider starting your own blog to get a feel of what it’s like to be a writer.

Photo Journalist

Who doesn’t like traveling and documenting the adventure with pictures? Photojournalist have one of the coolest jobs. Paid to travel all over the world and take pictures of peoples, places, animals, events and more. If you love adventure then you would love being a photojournalist.


Who hasn’t dreamed of being an actor? Granted, the chances of that happening are slim, but if you work hard, meet the right people and get a shot at it then it could be the coolest thing ever. Meet new, interesting people, travel, build a name and reputation and the pay isn’t too bad either.

If you really think acting is something that you would be interested in then volunteer and get involved in your local theatre and see how that goes first before you pack up and move to Hollywood.

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By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a veteran who enjoys reading and spending time with his family and two dogs. Henry is a marketing consultant and content writer for his own digital marketing company http://www.texaseo.com/. Henry can be found on Google Plus.

Four Profit Centers Of The Current Property Market

As you move closer to your goals as a real estate investor, there are certain things you must keep in mind;

1. How you look at every deal?

2. What is the exit strategy with which you need to be familiar?

This is the beginning of what we call The Four Profit Centers. Here are four profit centers of the current property market and how you can utilize them for profit:

1. Wholesaling

Wholesaling is by far one of the most desirable and easiest models because with no money or credit, you can create quick cash immediately. I still use wholesaling to this day due to the quick success aspect. My wholesaling business is like an engine that I leave running. With it, I’m able to generate $5,000, $10,000, or even $30,000 extra per month! I can then take that money and fund my other business interests or fund the wealth-building side of my personal life.

Wholesaling is the functioning between two contracts: a Purchase and Sales Agreement, and an Assignment of Contract. That is all you need in order to go out and start creating cash right now! Your financial reward comes down to the simple concept of real estate investing.

2. Lease Option

As with wholesaling, you don’t need any credit with a Lease Option. You don’t even need an income! There is a small amount of money required for many deposits, but that is a small inconvenience to pay for acquiring Lease Option property.

The beautiful part about lease option properties is that they are often not discounted like an actual true wholesale deal. The property simply needs to keep between 5-10% of its equity in order for you to retain the property as part of a long-term lease. Another advantage of this lease option is that a final payment waits at the end of the tenant buyer’s term of residence. At the end of the transaction period, you are in a position to allow the tenant buyer to close the sale and become the sole proprietor. The difference between your purchase price and the tenant buyer’s negotiated price is your profit.

3. Rehabbing

Rehabbing is by far one of the greatest ways to quickly reach elevated success as a real estate investor. However, I must caution you, there are certain key skills and a thorough familiarity of this model that are crucial for high achievement in this niche. Also, you will need a power team in place to be truly successful as a rehabber.

If you are determined that rehabbing is your niche, you may want to find an expert in the field and partner with him at the start. Say you buy a house for $40,000. Now let’s suppose the market average is $80,000 and $100,000 on the higher end home. You can take that $40,000 house, remodel it so that it meets the standards of a higher end house. You can even add an extra bedroom or bathroom, pushing the value even higher. This is known as “forced appreciation.”

You stand to make a tidy profit when you sell your $40,000 home for $100,000! Even minus the cost of the rehab, called a “hedge factor,” of about 10-15%, you will earn a large sum for your efforts. Furthermore, you can decrease that hedge factor to around 5% once you’ve acquired some experience and you’ve attained a basic knowledge of rehabbing.

Rehabbing is what investors call a Tier 3 model. You must have the experience and knowledge to successfully conclude Tier 3 transactions. There are potential risks, but the rewards are great!

4. Buy and Hold

Buy and Hold is the ultimate wealth-building model and it takes all of the other three profit centers to accomplish this Tier 4 investment. At Tier 4 investor, you are now using the income and the resources from your other profit centers to acquire properties that produce cash flow. With Buy and Hold, you can start to generate a healthy passive income that, over time, will allow you to walk away from your job or retire early without financial fears.

The four profit centers make it possible for you to have a roadmap, find profitable investments, pick the right markets and research properties, make offers, find buyers, and close deals.

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John Stevens writes about business and real estate. He has been working in South East Asia for over ten years and currently he is working in Myanmar. If you’re looking for a property in Yangon, Myanmar, visit www.scipioservices.com

Make Your Own Schedule: 5 Professions That Make It Easy

We all dream of having a job that grants us the flexibility we need to enjoy life on our terms. Too many jobs in this world require you to be in the office from 9am – 5pm every day of the week. Particularly in the United States, many of these traditional jobs make it nearly impossible to take vacation time when needed. However, there are many professions that allow individuals the opportunity to work on their schedule.

1. Freelance Consultant

There are many sites online where people offer their skills on a pay-per-project basis. These freelance consultants design their work schedules around their needs. Since the majority of such work is done through the internet, they are able to travel and work at whatever hours suit them. Freelance consultants are often driven to work extensive hours in order to meet a particular deadline; however, they typically have the freedom to accept or reject projects that may be more or less intense in terms of deadlines.

One of the very reasons people are attracted to the freelance business is due to the flexibility; however, there are some unique risks to this profession. Freelance work is typically somewhat irregular, so individuals may work intensively for a short period and then be without any work for a while. One’s rate of pay must be negotiated for each new project, and the freelancer may not know exactly how reliable the person they are working with is.

Although there are risks for Freelance work, it is also one of the most flexible professions around. Since the increasing interest in online work and outsourcing, this form of employment is currently on the rise.

2. Actuary

According to Forbes.com, 93% of actuaries have flexible schedules. An actuary works to analyze both financial impact of risk and uncertainty within a particular business. Much of their work deals with assessing financial security systems.

In order to be an actuary, you need to be well versed in mathematics, especially in probability theory, analytic thinking, human behavior and information systems. This profession has been determined to be one of the most desirable professions by a number of different sources including U.S. News and World Report.

The flexibility of those employed as Actuaries is very conducive to developing your own schedule. When it comes to vacation time, actuaries are very likely to have the flexibility needed to work it in as needed.

3. Attorney/Lawyer

It can take a considerable amount of education in order to become an attorney or a lawyer; however, once you’ve reached that level, you are very likely to have a flexible schedule. Because you are able to have a say in scheduling relevant meetings, taking on clients, and the time commitments related to each project, you are likely to be able to create your own schedule.

Forbes reports that 91% of lawyers with between 5-8 years of experience have flexible schedules. As a lawyer, you’ll have to work hard, but you’ll be able to choose when and where to take that vacation.

4. Management Consultant

Management consultants work to improve the efficiency and performance of businesses. These workers focus on organization difficulties and develop action plans to improve the situation. Many such consultants work with a variety of different businesses, so many get hired based on their expertise in what the current best practices in the field are.

One of the reasons working as a management consultant gives you the opportunity to make your own schedule is the high rate of telecommuting. Since a lot of the work being done can be completed via online methods, you are able to work in a variety of different places and situations. This gives you more opportunity to build in that important vacation time. All you need is some wifi and you can work wherever you are!

5. Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologists help people learn how to communicate more effectively. Many speech pathologists focus on helping individuals with particular challenges such as speech disorders. Some work with children, others with those who have suffered strokes, or even those with brain injuries. These individuals work in a variety of different locations ranging from hospitals to schools. Since a lot of the time speech pathologists dedicate to their job is based on one-to-one sessions, there is considerable flexibility in devising a schedule.

Although there are numerous professions who offer schedule flexibility, not all professions include such ability. For example, dentists often find developing a schedule that includes vacation time to be a challenge. Professions such as dentistry often require additional support such as http://forestirons.com/ in order to work in this important time to recharge.

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Louise Williams has traveled all over the globe to study and capture all of the various types of professions out there. From Europe to China to India, she’s seen all types of careers, and now she brings her knowledge to the masses.