4 Ways to Use Twitter for a Purpose

There’s more to Twitter than being a platform used to vent frustrations or share day-to-day random encounters.

It definitely has several uses which you can maximize to make your life easier and better, without shedding bucks.


Do you own a business? Or do you have a friend who needs a hand advertising his business?

Perhaps you have plenty of followers. Or you decided to make your account public. You can then use your page to promote goods or services, or anything that you wish would attract attention from a particular group.

For instance, post updates about contest you are holding. Use this as a strategy to gain more followers, and let people know that you exist. This is especially beneficial for those starting their own business and are yet to afford commercial advertising costs.

Aside from advertising purposes, Twitter also can be used to communicate with prospective or existing clients in a faster, more convenient way.

Information sharing

Did you find a useful post?

Twitter is also an avenue that allows you disseminate valuable information. Share links of the page where you read the good news or article for instance. If it is that worthy, your followers are likely to pick them up and their followers in turn might also retweet.

And people will thank you for your initiative to spread good, positive reads. Chances are, you might even gain new followers as they find your posts helpful.

Looking to help

How many times have you read celebrities tweeting about disasters hitting countries, and them asking donations or any form of help for relief operations?

Have you come across a tweet from a stranger asking for help finding missing people or pets, or gathering funds for a costly medical operation to push through?

Twitter unites people for a good cause, that is despite varying beliefs and opinions on matters.

And if you are among these individuals who are always more than willing to reach out to those who need help then congratulations! You have just put your Twitter account to good use.

Follow inspirations

Who here would not be able to use some sort of inspiration?

With all these negativities that we encounter everyday – from news, at the workplace and even at home – there’s no doubt uplifting messages could be of big help. So you can be reminded that things are not really that worse, after all.

Take advantage of whichever way you can use Twitter to help you make feel better. Follow people you look up to as inspirations or accounts that supply its followers with motivational quotes you can ponder on. Drop by their pages just before you start or end your day.

Hunting for jobs

Companies today utilize Twitter to forge connections with their customers.

They also use the social networking site to inform their followers about latest updates on their services, give clients a heads-up on interruptions they might experience, as well as inform people about job opportunities they are opening.

So, dream of working for a particular company? Follow them on their Twitter account today. It might be more updated than their website.

Handy Tips for Office Relocation

There are many reasons for a business to shift to a new location. It could be that a business is growing and needs a bigger space or the existing building in desperate need of maintenance and no longer usable. Some of the other reasons for a business to shift include political setbacks, climate conditions, availability of education facilities or recreational opportunities.

Hiring a firm for moving companies in Melbourne is an important task especially for those with no experience doing so. Professorial and experienced movers will get the job done efficiently; besides which it is also necessary to consider the cost of moving. Doing some research into types of services provided and firms offering relevant services can make the process of shifting easier.

Office Relocation Tips

  • Preparation is a must prior to moving an office; the larger the office the earlier one needs to start.
  • It is important to notify all employees in advance about the shift. It is always good to maintain healthy communication within an office environment.
  • An office is likely to have many sensitive and valuable items, hence it is advisable to have insurance.
  • It is vital to prepare a list of items that you are shifting to a new office and crosscheck them later.
  • Labeling boxes once they are filled will ensure the boxes are loaded and transported properly. Besides which it will also aid the unloading process.
  • Verifying details of the packers and movers; this can be done by checking their licenses and reviews.
  • It is important to consider other factors like security and privacy too.
  • Opting for a removal firm with experience in commercial relocation will work to your advantage.
  • It is important to make sure there is sufficient parking space for the purpose of loading and offloading at both locations.
  • If the moving process is likely to affect business close by, it is a good idea to inform them in advance.
  • Although the team of packers and movers are usually experts at what they do, it is essential to monitor the entire process.
  • It is advisable not to leave the hiring of the packers and movers till the last minute.
  • Special care should be taken while loading all IT equipment and other electronic equipment.
  • It is a good idea to organize mail forwarding prior to shifting.
  • Although temporary storage may not be a necessity for all businesses, it may be for few. Hence checking if the moving firm has such a storage facility may be useful.
  • For those who require help with packing items and organizing boxes, it is best to inquire in advance about the type of services they provide.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shifting

Moving an office is prone to mistakes and disasters; however, it is generally associated with a lack of preparation. Moving can be stressful and can also result in frustration. The easy way of making a move stress free is to be sufficiently prepared and by hiring the correct firm for moving companies in Melbourne. Some of the common mistakes to avoid when shifting include not considering the legal aspect of shifting. The legal issues may include leaving loose ends on the sale or end of the lease on an existing property or loose end on the purchase of a new property or new lease.

Almost all offices have plenty of IT equipment these days and if it is an IT company there is bound to be a lot of IT equipment to shift. Shifting equipment like computers, monitors and other similar equipment requires special care since they tend to be affected by too much movement or rapid movement. Thus, opting for cheap movers in Melbourne, who do not have the knowledge of moving IT equipment, may work to your disadvantage.

9 Brilliant AI Predictions of 2020

2018 – 19 has been a great year for AI as it made its presence felt in mainstream business processes. Organizations today are continuously exploring the potential of AI. The consumers too are getting accustomed to interacting with the technology on a daily basis.

In 2020, not only will this technology witness even more prevalence, but it will also prompt deeper conversations around more significant topics. It will also fuel innovative business models and impact society in new ways. The following are some predictions associated with AI that you need to know.

AI Will Create More Job Opportunities

Experts believe that many jobs will be eliminated in the long-term because of AI-powered automation. Roles that involved repetitive, manual tasks are being outsourced to AI with each passing day. However, in 2020, AI is expected to create more jobs opportunities than it replaces.

Instead of eliminating the need for human expertise, AI will enhance the existing systems and processes. This will lead to the emergence of a new type of role.

Humans will support AI implementation and monitor the application. More manual labor will transition to management-centric jobs that function alongside AI. This trend will continue until 2022. Gartner predicts that in two years AI will create 3 million jobs while eliminating 1.8 million.

Unmatched Cyber Defence With AI

In recent times, cybercriminals have been actively targeting software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, cloud infrastructure, and internet of things devices. Hence, it has turned out to be a pestering tech security menace for business owners.

In 2020, you can expect artificial intelligence to be more impactful in warding off cyber threats and prevent potential hackers. Numerous organizations around the world have deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to figure out online threats’ real-time and nab the cybercriminals before they spread like the plague.

AI is empowered to identify abnormal activity indicators and protect your system early before the menace becomes impossible to control. For instance, if you have a Paraphrasing Tool, you can use AI to maintain the confidentiality of the consumers’ personal details.

AI Will Resolve Talent Shortages

A shortage of AI and machine learning talent is creating a disruption in the process of innovation. As technological advancement keeps accelerating, it is becoming more difficult for organizations to find talent that can carry out large-scale AI efforts.

To deal with this situation, organizations will adopt AI and machine learning to address the talent gap in 2020. For instance, Google Cloud’s AutoML includes machine-learning products. It allows the developers to train machine-learning models without having any AI coding experience.

Amazon Personalize is another machine learning system that assists developers in building sophisticated personalization systems that can be integrated into many ways by different types of companies. Additionally, organizations will use AI to find talent, fill job vacancies and set innovation in the right direction.

Reinventing Human Expertise With AI

Machine Learning is incredible at data analysis. It helps to develop models that identify patterns and automate decisions.

In 2020, the organizations exploring the potential of AI are likely to rediscover digital decision platforms and knowledge engineering. This will be done to encode and extract rules. It will be used to form knowledge graphs from the consumers and employees.

The strength of knowledge engineering comes from human wisdom, and Machine learning employs data to support decision making when used together.

Increase in AI “Transparency”

There are multiple examples of how AI is influencing our world. However, deciphering the outputs and rationale of complex machine learning models remains a challenge.

Unfortunately, AI poses a substantial limitation in situations where humans want to learn more about the rationale behind AI-supported decision-making.

AI democratization has been spearheaded by a plethora of open source tools and libraries. The open source community will drive the charge to develop transparent or explainable AI that can clearly decipher its logic, detect biases in data sets, and offer answers to follow-up questions.

Before AI is widely integrated, humans need to decipher that the technology can perform efficiently and explain its reasoning under any circumstance.

AI Assistants Will be More Useful

It has been a while since humans were acquainted with AI assistants. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have been supporting people on the road and in our homes for years.

In 2019, we will witness AI assistants develop the capabilities. AI will gather behavioral data and become more efficient at responding to requests and accomplishing tasks. With the advancements in speech recognition and natural language processing, humans will have smoother and more user interactions with AI assistants.

In 2018, many organizations came up with new AI assistants. Recently, Google started rolling out its voice-centric reservation booking service known as Duplex, which can call and book appointments on the users’ behalf. Amazon introduced a device called Echo Auto, which allows drivers to integrate Alexa into their vehicles.

AI Will Perform Accurate Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is an AI application that assists in recognizing an individual using digital image or patterns of their facial features. 2020 would witness a sharp increase in the implementation of this technology with higher accuracy and reliability.

With the increase in the element of personalization, this technology will be applied for biometric identification as well. Be it your shopping experience or advertising, the presence of AI will be felt everywhere. In fact, this will become widespread owing to the non-invasive identification and the ease of deployment.

Enhanced Automated Machine Learning With AI

Machine Learning would witness a radical transformation with the advent of AutoML (automated Machine Learning) algorithms. AutoML will enable developers and programmers to resolve complex problems without developing specific models. The benefit of AutoML is that it would let the analysts and developers emphasize on the problem instead of focusing on the entire process and workflow.

AutoML smoothly aligns with custom ML platforms and cognitive APIs. AI will directly target the issues rather than going through the entire workflow, thus saving a lot of time and energy. AutoML will present a unique blend of portability and flexibility in 2020.

AI-Enabled Chipsets Are In

AI depends on specialized processors that function in alignment with the CPU. However, one major downside is that even the quickest and most advanced CPU would be incapable of training an AI model. The AI model would need extra hardware to carry out mathematical calculations for complex tasks like identifying objects and faces.

This year, leading chip manufacturers like Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Qualcomm, etc. will develop chips that will swiftly accelerate the speed of execution of the AI-enabled apps. These chips will be helpful for multiple customized uses in language processing and speech recognition. Investing more time on researching into these chips would usher in the development of applications for healthcare and automotive sectors as well.


The popularity of Artificial Intelligence will not limit itself to reaching new heights this year. The focus would not only be on newer applications in the industry but also on how it benefits the consumers. It will usher in a new dawn in the domain of technology.