History Of Data Recovery To Mystery Of Data Recovery

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Data loss is one of the headaches that is usually faced by almost every individual or organization. Importance of data cannot be neglected in any case whether you have your own personal data or business data. Regrets for loss of personal data may somehow be bearable but in terms of business data, it ruins you not only technically but also economically. Data has a lot of species and categorized as statistical data, web data, occupational data, educational data etc. So, protection is necessary for the data from any misuse. Data is like “The Wet Soap”, it slips from your hand if you hold it freely and slips if you hold it too tight. An effective approach to maintaining the protection of data should be implemented to prevent data from loss.

Reasons behind Data Loss

There are many factors behind data loss. Among them, the first reason behind this is the non caring attitude for the precious data. Most of us do not properly shutdown our systems and often put off plug directly from the power supply. This irresponsible behavior may cause resistance in saving data to main memory and ultimately data loss. Viruses are the second main source of data loss. There are many precautions associated in order to prevent virus entering into the system like do not plugin any anonymous external storage devices, do not connect with the anonymous server, do not use proxies, do not open suspected websites etc. Another reason is the power failure, Power failure issue is usually encountered in underdeveloped countries who are facing the energy crisis. Data could not save due to frequent power breakdown which also cause hardware failure too.

Cure Of Data Loss

Data loss is a disease and every disease have a cure. The software developers joint their heads to find the best cure and that’s how the invention of Data recovery software happens. The main application of recovery software is to evaluate raw data that were left behind after accidental deletion or format of hard drive or other storage media. These recovery software integrates the raw data and generate the same file which was lost. The method of working is almost same of every recovery software, but some additional features made them efficient and reliable. The recovery software initially paid software but due to increase in their demand and supply, they started available in markets as free data recovery software having limited features. However, the best practice is to back up your data periodically. Data backup gives you relaxation even in case of data loss because through this means you can retrieve your data without spending your precious time and money on recovery software. Let’s find some historical background of data recovery softwares below.

History Of Data Recovery

Loss of data and to recover the data started since the first computer have invented. Later, mechanically different professionals recover data from damaged punch cards, magnetic tapes, corrupt files and other data loss issues. However, software-based Data recovery techniques were beginning to develop in the last three decades.

During the 80s, the introduction of Personal Computers (most famous Pentium series) brought revolution in the digital computing world. Hard drives and floppy drives were commonly used. That time data loss problems were frequent because of bad sectors produced on the films and magnetic drums due to ultraviolet radiations. Since then it is difficult to recover data logically. During the 90s, it had become necessary to have a reliable hard drive recovery software and software development houses started their working. In 1997, world’s first certified data recovery software made which were able to recover lost or removed data from sensitive hard disks for many organizations and modified hardware for solid-state drives and RAID arrays.

In the previous decade, the number of different free data recovery softwares have been developed and popular among the people. There are many common and widespread data recovery in the market. By means of these recovery software, operators may preview the images, videos, and documents before being recovered. It is one of the best performing applications for retrieving deleted or lost data and files and is very competitive to other Free Data Recovery software. There are other data recovery tools available in the market such as ADRC Data Recovery Tools, CD Recovery Toolbox, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Do Your Data Recovery Software etc.


To perform any task there are some proper instructions which are necessary to understand before executing the task. Below are some useful tips for data protection:

  •    Back up your data by means of any third-party software or by using the operating system built-in tools.
  •    Check restore capability of data which is being backed up regularly.
  •    Follow the environmental condition proposed by the source company. For instance, if the system or device need to place in colder and dry environment so it should be provided such surroundings to prevent device failure.
  •    Keep out your data out of reach from your children even from the elder ones who has not trained.
  •    In any disorder in the device always hand over your system who is expert in its repairing.
  •    Use trusted anti-virus software and keep checking for its updates regularly. Windows defender, Avast antivirus, and NOD32 are trusted antivirus available for the users.
  •    Always scan all external storage devices for viruses when plugging into your system because incoming diskettes are the chief source of entering virus which eats your data as fire burns the wood.
  •    Switch off your computer if it hangs a lot and behaves abnormally.

Final Words

In short, any lost file can be retrieved if have an effective recovery software and the fortune to don’t have overwritten files on it. Data recovery outcomes sometimes different from the original one if you get late to do data recovery so it is highly recommended to start data recovery process as soon as the file is lost unintentionally. The mystery of data recovery and its solution will continue and will never end in future. There will some new techniques and software wizards invented in order to tackle more advanced problems.

Financial Emergency? 5 Things to Do If Your Car Breaks Down

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If you have enough money in the bank, an unexpected financial setback is frustrating and inconvenient, but it’s manageable. However, if you’re living from paycheck-to-paycheck, with no money set aside for an emergency expense, then figuring out what do you do if your car breaks down unexpectedly can pose a real dilemma, especially if you need it to get to work.

Suddenly, you have to figure out in a hurry to keep your job so that you can continue to earn, set some money aside, and take care of the problem.

The first step toward solving your problem is understanding the extent of it. How much will it cost you to get your car back on the road? This will give you an idea of how much money you might be able to borrow or raise to get it repaired.

And the second thing you might want to do is to inform your employer about your situation instead of just calling in sick. This will be helpful if you need to take a few days off to get your car fixed.

So if you don’t have the money to get your car fixed immediately, here are some options:

The Fast Way to Raise Money

1. Get a payday loan alternative.

Research installment loans online. Find a lender that can let you take out a personal cash loan, ideally one who can give you a loan of at least a $1,000 which you can pay in installments. With the cost of car repairs, you may not be able to pay the bill for a few hundred dollars. Good lenders often have minimal eligibility requirements like a recent pay stub or some other means of verifying your employment, an active checking account, and a social security number. Unlike a traditional bank loan, funding is often done quickly, and many will offer flexible repayment plans based on your income and basic living expenses.

2. Borrow from family or friends.

It can be embarrassing asking family or friends for money, but it might be necessary if you aren’t able to raise the money you need to get your car fixed in time in some other way. If you do manage to borrow money, be sure to pay them back as soon as possible; this will help resolve any strain in the relationship, especially if the person you’re borrowing money from will be inconvenienced. If the cost of your car repair is too high to raise money from a single individual, another option is to borrow small amounts from a large number of people.

3. Sell something at an online auction site.

If you have an asset that you can liquidate at an online auction, this might be a way to fast way to raise the money you need. Usually, buyers on auction sites are looking for collectibles that are selling below market price.

The Slow Way to Raise Money

If the fast way to raise money doesn’t work, then you may have to raise money over a longer period of time over a few weeks.

If you’re forced to raise money the slow way, then you may have to use public transport to still get to work or arrange to have someone give you a ride. This way you’ll still be able to keep your cash flow going.

1. Get a side-hustle.

Find a side-hustle that can help you to earn extra income during your time off from work. There are many websites where you can pick up side jobs. You might also be able to find part-time jobs by looking through the classified pages of your local newspaper.

2. Save money from your paycheck.

Assuming the worst—everything you’ve tried didn’t work out for one reason or another—then your choice of last resort is to skimp and save from your paycheck until you have the money you need to resolve your problem.

Avoid Panicking

Dealing with a situation like your car breaking down when you need to get to work is indeed nerve-wracking. Consequently, it’s difficult to avoid panicking when things fall apart in such a dramatic way. However, you need a cool, calm, and collected attitude to help you manage to work your way out of the mess. Panicking or slipping into a depression will lower your will-power, which, in turn, will make all your efforts at resolving your situation half-hearted and ineffectual.