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Once upon a time, when there was no internet, every purchase was a personalized experience. People, who bought things from other people could express their needs, have a chat about things they would like to buy next, receive personalized discounts, etc. Today, the personalization based on an individual conversation is not possible, especially if you sell hundreds of items via your online store on a daily basis. However, every day your customers provide you useful data about their likes and needs. You can start a personalized conversation with your customers by offering them products and services based on what you know about your clients. Learn how to use different information provided by your customers to create personalized offers and sell or upsell more.


If you run an online and offline chain stores, providing your customers with the option of geolocation allows you to guide them to the nearest store, where they can buy the product they are looking for. But geolocation can be also used by smaller retailers to better understand the needs of customers, who come from different cities and countries. For example, customers from abroad might be more interested in special offers, which allow them to reduce the shipping costs. People, who visit your online store from areas with milder microclimate, might be more interested in buying lighter clothes, than people, who visit your store from typically cold, locations. You can read more here:

Order history

This is the kind of information that every retailer should take into consideration, when they are creating personalized offers for their customers. Order history tells you more about the client than any other type of information – it is an insight into the specific preferences of the customer, brands he likes, coupons or discounts he has used before, product categories, which are interesting for the customer, etc.

Monitoring searches and shopping carts

Some of your customers prefer to browse without shopping or they have a habit of adding items to the shopping cart and then abandoning it. However, these customers can also provide you with tons of useful information, which you can apply to create personalized offer to convince them to shop at your online store. Search history and the content of the shopping cart inform you about the brands preferred by the customer and the types of products he or she is most interested in. You can create special coupons for those customers, who leave before buying the product, in order to encourage them to proceed to the checkout.

Online surveys

The most direct way to learn more about the needs and likes of your customers is to simply ask about it. Keep your surveys interesting, though, nobody wants to answer a hundred of boring questions. Award all customers, who completed the surveys with special coupons.

Now you know what kind of information can be useful for retailers, but how to obtain and analyze it? Contact a custom Magento development company to learn how to monitor customers’ behavior and how to create surveys to learn more about your clients.

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