Pinterest: 8 Inspire Examples of Engaging Pinterest

Running the contest in social media can get the pretty sticky and each of social network have an own contest related the rules to comply with and tired to host any one of the social media. But, when your contest has comes out through the support of social media. Pinterest have a rule that haters the dream network based on your needs and just create the account launched the pinterest for your business. Recently, social network even had a set of official rules and guidelines are running to your contest. Finally, you can get the flexible social network depends on the marketing strategy. In the traditional pinterest fashion are very confusing and vague compared to the new version of pinterest contest. But, pinterest seems to engage and encourage the vote based structure for choosing the winners. The pinterest platforms are very effective usage to the marketing people for conducting the contest that will tend to generate a lot of engagement because they generate the organically tap into the nature of general pinterest use. The eight real time examples for Pinterest with the experimental result such as 

Country Living:

Country living launched the pinterest contest and pinners they asked to follow the country living pinterest page. Based on the country, they can prefer the pinterest page related to our native and they launch the new set of page particular for the country living. Also, you should tag your representation in various forms such as #countryliving. After, submitting the contest and entry of pinners were required to comment the contest pin with a link to your pin board. Some of the people can asked the friend request for your pinterest account and easily you can develop the pinterest people. Why this work means you should easily know about the people who all like your page and who are interested in this area? This is the best way of generating more people compared to other social media contest. Also, have a lot of wonderful application not only the contest and have all set of application like video, story. Easy way to expand the page to various set of people, but requires proper engagement of the pin board activities.

General Electric & HP:

General electric ran a contest using the hash tag of your title and after finishing the contest they featured the top photos as a board on your pinterest account. Why this work means easy way of generating brand name in the presence of social media channels and main thing as you should place your top photos on your pin board as well as give more importance to the targeted resources. HP host has an ongoing process of pinterest contest that promote the services depending on your week theme you select. Which set of participants can find out the contest that dedicated to your web page that the time the HP host are very essential for submitting your URL for your board. In fact, HP has incorporates to your landing page into the contest that driving more traffic to your website.


Email vision has brought the attention by your friends over the social media examiner, but emailvision pinterest contest was designed to get the email marketers as pinning about their own mail campaign based on the participants’ interaction. Because of, the participants were asked to pin their favorite email marketing creators and submit the URL to the online of their email to your dedicated landing page of your website. The emailvision community only contains the pinterest users’ action such as views and likes of the show cased email campaigns. After that, campaign gives the reward who has like most with the emailvision designed email creative. Most probably marketer can love to use the website landing page and this page as more relevancy to participate in the pinterest contest. Also, easily to get the targeted audience through the support of email marketers and it generates the qualified for your product and services. Sometimes the emailvision will give the prizes to who are participated in the contest winners. Some other factors for conducting the contest such as target the high point market based on your website requirements, inviting the pinterest participants and prepare the proper planning to perform the pinterest contest.

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