Poor Quality Blog Posts – Helping Or Hindering Your Brand?

It’s an all too common these days to see ineffective, low quality and flat blog posts on company websites. So you have to stop and ask yourself, is this corporate blogging campaign really helping or hurting their brand? Is this content more beneficial or harmful for the company’s online marketing campaign?

Here’s what we know. There will be hundreds of thousands of new websites created this year alone, and with that there will also be hundreds of thousands of new blog posts published on WordPress etc. Here’s another thing we know: The low caliber blog posting isn’t going to slow down and come to any sort of stop. It will continue to gain inertia and only slow down those blogs until they come to a grinding halt.

The real issue for the business world in all of this is that we as humans are smart and also quick to judge a book by its cover. Human nature suggests that we will see the blog and decide right then and there that your company is only as valuable as the content on that one blog – or even one blog post! I do it, you do it, and we all do this. Again, it is only human to think this way. Our opinions are shaped by our perceptions.

Just like your company’s website, your blog is another face of the company. It has that PR function. In part, it serves as an introduction to your business. So, with that in mind, wouldn’t you want to use this instrument of communication to put your best foot forward and provide real value? After all, that was the original intention right? Rather than damaging your business, your blog should be helping your brand. The company blog should be just as important as your logo.

So now what? We are great at seeing the flaws in everyone else’s business. Our own can be a bit more elusive to our eyes. Ready to put your blog to the test? Answer the following five questions to see how quality that blog is:

Is the intention to self-promote or to add value?

Anyone can, and does, self-promote. Again, it’s part of the human condition. In the right doses promotion isn’t a bad thing and can even be useful – as long as the right proportions are used (90% value:10% promotion).

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are ablaze with our own self-promotions. So, there’s nothing too special about doing it. To put it bluntly, no one really cares and therefore it doesn’t work. Educating and informing however does. In fact we drink it like water. Knowledge is power on both the giving and receiving ends.

Practice what you preach

Having a high quality blog should really be the hub for your inbound marketing efforts. On digitalflavor.com, we have only every done organic inbound marketing for lead gen efforts. We have seen this practice produce over 80% of the incomming traffic. There is no question high quality blogging can be extremely helpful for a brand.

Does the Content Communication Your Knowledge about the Industry

Corporate blogging is a great chance for you to show your expertise in your industry. This is a fantastic way to show you know the ins and outs of everything to do with your business.

When getting started with your blogging campaign, we high recommend selecting topics where you are well versed. This will give you the chance to show your expertise in the post.

Corporate blogging can be a massive opportunity to attract new visitors to your website. With great content and a valuable message, you will be able to build user trust. This should definitely be a core part of your company’s online marketing strategy.

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