Popular Career Options in Technology for 2016

We have almost crossed a quarter of the year 2016. It’s time we throw some light on the careers in technology that will be big this year. Working in the technology industry has always been a great opportunity. It offers interesting work, great salary as well as lots of opportunity.

Nowadays, we use technology more than ever to remain connected with our friends and family and get updated news on the latest happenings in the world. We certainly don’t intend to say that we never use technology to pass our time.

Tech skills that will remain in more demand this year include Ruby on Rails, Python, ASP, PHP and the virtualisation technologies.

Let us have a look at some of the more popular career options of this year.

Chief Technology Officer 

There is no clear job description for CTO or Chief Technology Officer.

An executive who is held responsible for the management of an enterprise’s research, development as well as technical requirement, the CTO examines the long and the short-term needs of enterprises. They utilise the capital for making the investments designed to aid organisations with reaching their own objective.

No doubt, research and development have been a significant component for the organisations but the rise of Information Technology as well as increased usage of computers has enhanced the need for the Chief Technology Officer substantially. They view the current technology usage of the organisation from a practical standpoint and they are required to take the crucial technology decisions supporting the goals of the enterprise.

This can be the best career option for you if you love technology, can mix with people and would like to develop technological as well as business knowledge.


UX Designer

The consumers prefer a quick and a seamless user experience regardless of whether they are using enterprise software or the gaming or shopping portal. A technical recruiter has pointed out that the user interface and the user experience designers will be in great demand this year.

The prime job of the UX designers lies in ensuring a better digital experience making things engaging, appealing as well as ensuring ease of usage.

User experience design aids in enhancing user satisfaction by improving the accessibility, usability as well as pleasure provided in the interactions between the product and the user. It addresses all the aspects of service or product as perceived by the users.

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products”, pointed out Don Norman, a cognitive scientist.

Data Scientist

This has been a popular career option for years.

“It isn’t a big surprise to see data scientist at No. 1 this year because it’s one of the hottest and fastest growing jobs we’re seeing right now,” pointed out Andrew Chamberlain, the chief economist of Glassdoor.

Data science is quite ill-defined as a field even today. Getting a job in this field is chiefly about finding an enterprise whose needs match with the skills a given candidate possesses. A data scientist is a job title given to the employees or the business intelligence consultants who excel at analysing data to aid businesses in gaining a competitive edge.

The data scientists are required to come with a combination of data mining, analytic, machine learning as well as statistical skills. The experience of algorithm, as well as coding, is also necessary here.

3D Printing Technician

3D printing is starting to take off and today, we live in a world when we are coming to know of a new way to use the 3D technology every day.

To be a 3D printing technician, it is important to have the knowledge of 3D CAD or computer aided design.

3D printing is changing the very way small businesses and the industry giants are building or designing the products. With several enterprises warming up to the idea of using 3D printing technology, this technology is getting big slowly.

The industry is in need of experts and there are several opportunities to advance career in multiple directions like product engineering and design.

These are only some of the career paths that are expected to be big this year. There are several others that can interest you in case the above-discussed fails to do the trick.

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