Real Estate Investments: Ways to Sell Your Homes Fast in Any Market

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen. Nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Investing in real estate has always been regarded as an avenue for financial freedom.

It is one of those tried and tested ways that you can make money. Unfortunately, while real estate can potentially be a lucrative venture, a lot of factors and aspects go into the success of a property sale. One of which is timing. In fact, when it comes to selling a home, timing is paramount. If your home stays on the market too long, finding potential buyers who would be willing to buy it would be a whole lot harder and developing a stigma, one that is hard to shake along the way. Furthermore, you would continuously absorb costs such as landscaping payments, mortgage and insurance while your home continues to languish on the market. Whether you wish to see purely for profit or out of necessity or whether the property in question is a luxury condo in Makati or elsewhere, here are some of the ways you can sell your home fast:

  1. Price it right

Setting a time frame for selling your home is imperative if you wish to sell your property fast. Do take note that your home is probably only one of the innumerable properties being sold in your area. In this regard, if your home does not have anything remarkable about it that would set it apart from the rest, think twice about hiking up the price. At the very least, you should try to price it competitively and you should do it within the first few months your home is on the market. A good tip is to price your home just below market comparables in your area as doing so would potentially trigger a bidding war that would give you a final closing price that is way beyond what you expected.

  1. Time the local housing market

The location and local housing supply would play a pivotal role as to the most opportune time to sell your home. However, regardless of the market condition, research and sources have shown that selling your home around Springtime tends to get you a successful sale much faster. This spike in property buying would go well into the summer and would reach its peak by June as most families would be on the scout for new properties before their children get settled in school. However, to have a competitive edge, talk to seasoned professionals and agents who have an understanding about the weather fluctuations and price trends. In this regard, they would be able to advise you which months are prime for selling your property.

  1. Prep for the big reveal

In the realm of real estate, the first impression you make is the only impression you will ever leave on your prospective buyers. More often than not, you do not get a second chance in impressing these prospective buyers so make sure that they see potential in your property the moment that they step into the home. In this regard, you would see how home staging can play an integral role in selling your homes in a timely fashion. Moreover, your buyers would be able to visualize themselves in your homes better if you stage it professionally. Plus, there is a likely chance that your property will fetch and sell at a higher value if it is staged—especially when your buyer’s offer starts rolling in. If a quick sale is what you are after, consider home staging and have it professionally done.

  1. Organize your home

When it comes to staging your home, always keep the three D’s in mind: Declutter, Depersonalize and Debut. With this in mind, you should start decluttering and organizing your home as early as possible. Moreover, you should start removing personal artifacts that might diminish your prospective buyer’s resolve in buying the home. Decluttering is to make your home feel more spacious, depersonalizing to give it a blank and new slate for potential buyers to envision themselves in and then finally, debut it with its new look.

  1. Be available for property viewings

If you wish to sell your properties fast, then you must ensure that you will be available should a potential buyer wish to see the property. After all, your (or your agent’s) inability to showcase the property for viewings might only be the sole reason why you have not gotten any offers. Besides, if you are determined in making a quick sale, you should endeavor to be available for property tours. This is so potential buyers can easily access your property for showings. As much as possible, be available for property showings even at a moment’s notice (within reason of course) and ensure your property is always in pristine condition and primed for showing.

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