Reducing Business Expenses by Monitoring Printing Costs

It was once reported by PCWorld that ink for printers can cost more than fine wine, aged whiskey or even the best caviar. At today’s prices of $20-$35 for a tiny ink cartridge, not much has changed. Each cartridge will give you somewhere between 400 – 1,000 printed sheets of paper, but since 2009 the cost of ink has risen nearly 30%. There is no end in sight when it comes to printing costs, so businesses everywhere are seeking ways to minimize printing expenses. The different ways range from setting strict office policies to making the printers less accessible to charting the number of prints made by each department. While printing is an important function in any business, the costs can be minimized by understanding the process and careful planning. You can consult with experienced print services or put monitoring systems into effect that will highlight areas of waste.

Expected Business Printing Costs

No business can get by without a certain amount of printing expenses, but there are ways to keep tabs on costs so they don’t get out of control. Each business should take a look at what they are spending each month and annually on printing costs. Compared to other office equipment or expenditures, it can be surprising to see how much printing actually costs a small business. With this information in hand, the business manager can set up a print management or document management solution to track spending in this area

printerReducing Printing Costs

Once you have made a proper accounting of everything spent on printing, you can begin to put a plan in place to substantially lower those costs. Printing on both sides of the sheet of paper saves on paper costs as well as being good for the environment. Sometimes people print a note at the bottom of their emails to not print anything that isn’t necessary because it can have a negative effect on the world’s forestry. Another way to save on actual paper costs is by setting your printer to print multiple pages on each sheet. This is a setting found in the print dialog box. You also might have an “N-up” print setting, which allows you to set manually how many pages you want to print on one page. Make sure you are not sending blank pages through the printer or pages with only one line of text. Other printer options that save paper are the Print Preview and the Shrink to Fit. For more information about cost effective ways of dealing with printing read more at:

Employing Print and Document Management Services

A print management service can help you identify areas of printing waste and offer solutions that will amount to substantial end of the year savings. This service starts with performing a current assessment to use as a baseline for current printing expenditures. Once the service has a clear idea of exactly what your printing needs are, it will recommend better and cheaper alternatives that are also environmentally friendly. It will identify the hidden printing costs as well as hard and soft expenditures. The solution will incorporate a streamlined workflow that eliminates wasted paper and ink while optimizing the printing equipment. A document management service (DMS) can help you reduce printing costs by analyzing and managing your input, throughput and printing output. The system can be an integrated computer system that tracks and stores digital documents. By employing history tracking, it monitors the various printing versions used by different employees. By carefully documenting, storing and indexing electronic files, unnecessary printing expenses can be reduced. Both the print management service and the document management services can help you make optimal use of existing equipment or suggest time and money saving upgrades.

Ink and Toner Expenses

The high price of ink cartridges has already been documented, but some printers have the option of using ink toners. Toners are not like the ink in cartridges, but contain electronically charged dry powder particles. The powder sticks to the drum or plate of the printer that results in high quality printing. The powder comes in cartridges that are reusable and refillable, which saves even more money.

Reducing Printing Costs is good for everyone

We have outlined many ways that you can monitor and reduce printing output and costs for your business. Because of the high cost of ink cartridges and paper, any reduction in use can amount to huge savings over the course of a year. But money is only part of the picture. Cutting down on paper and ink is an important step in protecting our environment and ensuring the future of our world’s forests.


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