Responsible Gambling

Most people gamble responsibly. They only spend what they can afford, they don’t chase their losses, and they stop while they are ahead, or at least they know that is what they should do. Unfortunately a small minority of people get into trouble with their gambling. They hit a problem and they find themselves unable to do anything about it.

Problem gambling affects only around 0.6% of gamblers. That is not a large proportion, but for those that do have a problem it can be a severe one. They are likely to spend much more than they can afford, and spend far too much time gambling than is reasonable thus they neglect or abandon other parts of their life often including their family.

It is not in the interests of online casino operators, or even land casino operators and bookmakers, to condone problem gambling. Gambling has gained a much better reputation than it used to have some decades ago. Almost all licensed gambling businesses subscribe to the ethics of responsible gambling, and these include helping that small minority of gamblers that develop a gambling problem.

So what should you do if you are not a responsible gambler? Like all addictions, it is very difficult to cope without some help and support from outside. There might be a number of issues to deal with, for as well as your compulsion to gamble you might also be in serious debt. Fortunately there are organisations which can help, for instance the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can help you with your debt problems and GamCare will help you deal with your gambling problem.

Gambling should be fun. It is just an entertainment. You might win (hopefully) or you might lose (it happens) but the most important aspect is that you enjoy it. Don’t gamble to forget, if you do then you might need to forget to gamble.

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