Retail And Shop Fitting Tips – Using Display Cases To Show Off Your Merchandise At Its Best

Whether you are looking at opening a new shop, are renovating your store, or simply want to make a few tweaks to how your shop’s layout works, investing in some good display cases can be a good idea for almost all kinds of retail outlets. If you’ve noticed that a lot of stores have things lying around in a fairly haphazard way, making it difficult for customers to find what they might want to buy (but also making it easier for thieves…) then you’ll have some idea of why a well lit, lockable display cabinet can make a big difference. Here we look at some of the different options and what they are good for.

Basic Display Cases

The most basic kinds of display cabinets you can use in your shop tend to be rectangular and made of either glass or acrylic. The shelves may be clear or opaque, and you may also have some lights fitted inside to show off the items inside in more detail. These tend to work well for items that people are likely to ask your staff to take out if they want to inspect them (like jewellery), or for expensive items that would otherwise be easy to steal, but which the shopper doesn’t necessarily need to view in great detail to buy (for example phone accessories or other electrical gear). They may not show off ornamental objects at their best or highlight promotional items, but they do offer a space efficient way to protect and display smaller pieces of merchandise.

Rotating Display Cases

Rotating display cases come in different shapes, including square, round and hexagonal, and offer a few benefits over the basic rectangular kind. This is because the fact they rotate means you can make better use of the space by filling the shelves with items, and you can also really showcase ornamental pieces by having them rotating under lights that really make them look great. A rotating display is always going to be more attention grabbing than a static one so you can also use rotating shelves when you have a special offer going on and really want your items to stand out compared with other products in the store.

Custom Display Cases

As well as these standard types of display cabinets, you can also find some interesting and unusual designs or even have your own custom built. Some people like cases with some metal parts because they can look more substantial and can also offset metal products like silver jewellery nicely, and you can get shelving in cases with all kinds of interesting wire or metal design. Other stores need extra security, with individual locks for different compartments where they can display their most valuable goods. You may also want coloured glass or shelves, an unusual shape to emphasise a certain product or to make use of an awkward corner of your store, or even a special kind of lighting like UV.  For certain kinds of stores, antique cases can also give a unique and appealing feel.

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