Rich Snippets Bring Greater Search Engine Results For Businesses

In today’s SEO world, high ranking on search engine pages aren’t enough. With the advent of snippets, businesses are finding more direct, informative ways for users to find the most relevant page for their search. They are a visual way for businesses to display important information users are looking for. Results that use rich snippets almost always have a higher visibility than those that do not.

Snippets are additional information line found near a Google search result. They are designed to give the user an idea of what a webpage holds. Ultimately these snippets are helpful in that they give these users quicker access to the information they need to find the page they’re looking for. This results in higher click-through rates.

Webmasters use them as another optimization layer for a website as they give websites a chance to highlight their content within search engine results pages. This short believe about a website’s content actually gives the user knowledge without making them click through pages to learn it themselves.

Examples of Snippets

Restaurants can use snippets by providing an average review, a price range and a certain number star rating from their Google search or Yelp reviews. Businesses can offer a customer review or location for users. Other examples where snippets can appear are for music albums, people, recipes, videos, products or events.

How to Write Snippet Content & Implement This SEO Strategy

Start the process by choosing a markup format, whether Microdata, Microformats or RDFa. The markup content should use HTML tags that give descriptive names that are searchable such as event, time, rating, venue, price, etc.

After Google discovers you have new markup content on your website, you can begin reading these tags and display your snippets by your search engine result pages rankings. Make sure to complete a Google request form to inform them of the changes you’ve made and make sure that your content is visible.

Websites such as WordPress now offer plugins that allow webmasters to tag their rich snippet content materials easily in their website. Microdata for WordPress offer 6 categories for this type of data. This plugin also allows for HTML5 microdata codes to be creates both in posts or on pages.

The Rich Snippet Creator Module of SEO Ultimate, created by SEO Design Solutions, also is a great tool for event rich snippet data.

Schema for WordPress is another plugin tool that marks up existing content in the WordPress site. The click of a button allows you to begin the process. This plugin is great for those looking to pay close attention to div/span codes.

Effectiveness of Snippets

According to Search Engine Land, aesthetically-pleasing layouts draw more attention than plain text. Rich snippets help to break up lines of texts in search engine results and draw more attention to themselves. This results in more click-throughs. Companies have seen a 20-30% rise in click-through rates after implementing rich snippets, reports.

Users love to know what to expect before accessing a site. More qualified visitors to a website means that users will stay on the page longer, read more of the content and have a higher chance of contacting the business for more information or purchasing their products or inquiring about their services.

Because of the value that these rich snippets provide, it’s obvious their implementation will evolve and ultimately stay in the SEO world. All of the search engines have already implemented structured data that is focused on rich snippets. Ultimately this collaborative effort will restructure the Internet and the way that users search.

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