Saving on Your Eyecare Costs: How To Ensure Poor Eyesight Does Not Make You Poor

Eye care savings

It’s a common feature of supermarket tabloid magazines- how to recreate a celebrity look on a budget. “Want to look like Angelina Jolie did on the Oscars red carpet without spending more than $50? We can show you how!” These articles conveniently sidestep the fact that replicating Angelina Jolie’s look requires a body just like Angelina Jolie’s (unsurprisingly), as well as a few thousand dollars for her dress. While it’s possible to dress well for less, it can often cost rather a lot to get exactly the look we want.

This is especially the case with those of us who wear glasses.

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then the glasses become an unnecessary extra pane on that window. We wear them on our faces all day, every day, so it’s not something you want to cut corners with. You want your face to look as good as possible, but when you consider the cost of prescription lenses, along with the visits to the optician and a beautiful elegant pair of frames you realize that looking good doesn’t come cheap. If you are reliant on glasses, there are always a few ways to look your best without needing to take out a second mortgage.

Try Before You Buy

While it might not seem like the most honest way of doing things, you can easily go to a store, try on a number of different frames to see what looks best on your face, make a note of the manufacturer and model number, and then see if you can find it cheaper online. Like many aspects of retail, it’s usually possible to find the item you want online at a far better price—although you really need to model the frames first. Don’t do what a British couple did, and act like you’re putting on the frames but instead of putting them back on the rack, slip them into a bag and walk out of the store.

Laser Vision

With advances in technology, laser and other types of eye surgery are becoming less expensive and far more effective. While it can’t exactly be called a minor investment, these types of procedures could ensure that you’ll never need glasses or lenses again. Depending on your health insurance, you might even be able to get a partial rebate from your insurance provider—although it’s vital to get the best surgery for your condition.

Look… Online

While you can easily buy frames online, it’s possible to tend to a large portion of your eye care needs online, particularly if you wear disposable contact lenses- you can often find prescribed lenses online for a fraction of the price you would pay at an actual optometrist. You can also visit, which is a fantastic online resource for all your glasses and contacts needs.

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