Seeding Strategies For Viral Video Marketing

Viral video clips can be the golden ticket to overnight visibility and instantaneous success. There is a secret formula that some people happen to stumble upon.  Certain elements of viral videos have been studied, just like certain attributes of pages with top rankings.

However, some variables that are common among past viral videos are difficult to pinpoint.  Similarly, Google Search updates are often somewhat up to interpretation.  While certain elements of viral videos are difficult to label, overall, the overarching theme of most videos that enhance viewer engagement is an almost illusive and very powerful social element.

Why television commercials are not common viral videos

Television commercials are geared specifically towards selling a product or service.  Many use the same themes found in viral video clips such as cute kids.  However, commercials are scripted.  They are not “real” enough to provide a social element that many online users crave, hence the enormous and growing popularity of social media.

How to make a video clip go viral

To be honest, no one knows the exact recipe to get the “golden ticket” of VSEO.  A viral video clip largely relies on luck, and often unbridled creativity.  There is a social theme among viral videos that is difficult to pinpoint.  A few examples of the social theme in viral videos is listed below:

  • The Numa Numa Guy.  That guy was hilarious, and he made a pretty big impression after dancing to the Numa Numa song on his webcam.  Almost everyone can think of a goofy and loveable character in their own lives that could be that guy.
  • Henry bit my finger!  This cute video clip of a little kiddo and a biting baby could be a home video clip from your best friend, your cousin, or your neighbor.  The clip shows more than a few cute kids doing what kids do best, giving great one-liners and unbridled facial expressions.  Again, it is alarmingly easy to relate to.
  • That dog who says “I love you.”  Who wouldn’t love a talking dog?  This pooch could live next door.  But he doesn’t.  You only get to see him on YouTube.

Another important thing to note about the viral videos above is that they provide information that cannot readily be obtained elsewhere, such as on a major news website.  They have an eerie ability to make people feel connected and then compelled to share the video with their actual friends, relatives, and neighbors.


It is important to be realistic about viral videos.  You might win the viral video marketing lottery, but you might not.  A few takeaway points are listed below:

  • Be creative instead of focusing on creating another television commercial.
  • Put your brand out there in a way that will get people talking.
  • Make your videos easy for viewers to connect with on a social level that can easily translate sharing the video with actual friends, Facebook friends, etc.
  • A great piece of content’s early promotion is absolutely essential.

Putting these tips into motion is a surefire way to make sure your content gets the attention it deserves.

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