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A recent episode of a TV show I saw got me thinking. In the show, a dead lover had left his girlfriend an old hair clip that he had told her to hold on to as a reminder of their love. Unbeknownst to her, the clip was worth over £ 10 million! Only on Television you say. Well of course! But isn’t it a tempting thought? What if one of your old times conceals a lot of money you didn’t know about? On a serious note though, many people have with them a whole lot of items at home that is worth a lot of money, without their knowledge. For those of us in the real world, It is unlikely that there is treasure hidden in a wristband. But you would be surprised what things can turn out to have a lot of value.

Old Money

While this one may be obvious to many, it actually isn’t to many more. You can sell old coins and notes for a lot of cash in return if they are the right kind in your state. In case you have all kinds of old coins at home lying around, try and do some simple research online and see if you will make a buck out of them. Most of them are good to be gotten rid of at no charge as they waste space, unless there is a lot of sentimental value attached to them. But just make sure you are not losing good money.


Furniture is the second most popular item sold on Craig’s List to date. Some people even make a living out of buying and reselling pre owned furniture! If you thought your grandparent’s old cabinets are too old to matter to anyone else, think again.  There is a difference between antique furniture and just plain old stuff. There are ways to check if the furniture is antique.

Celebrity Autographs

People who have been lucky enough to meet celebrities and gotten them to sign stuff have made a ton of money reselling those autographs online. If you are one of those people, you might be sleeping on a lot of money out there.

Graduation Gear

You can keep it for memories, pass it down generations or put it on sale. Selling online will give you access to a much wider audience.


If you make beads for fun, great. If you are really great at it good. Have you thought about selling them online? Beads are very popular online. If you are a talent and can make really great and original ones, start doing your research on how to beginning making money off your talent.

So look around and bear in mind that selling jewellery is not the only way to make a quick buck from your old things.

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