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In the past, search engine ranking algorithms were not very intelligent. They could detect what language text was written in and certain keywords but little else. Over the years, however, those who write ranking algorithms have taken steps to avoid ranking automatically-generated content and spun content high in the results, which has resulted in algorithms capable of detecting good writing. While some are concerned that this may make SEO more difficult, it will actually help those who perform SEO in an ethical, non-exploitative manner. Here are a few tips for those performing SEO in the era of smarter ranking algorithms.

Natural Writing

Modern algorithms are tweaked to detect human-written content. As a result, the easiest way to write content that will make the ranking algorithms happy is to write naturally. In other words, those creating content for website can quit thinking about how search engines will interpret particular phrases and simply write as well as they can. In addition, these algorithms are only going to improve at detecting human-written content, so there will likely be no need to revise content in the future if it is written well in the first place.

Good Grammar and Spelling

Search engine algorithms have number of ways of detecting great content, and one metric that many believe they are using is looking for good grammar and spelling. Content that is written carefully and thoughtfully is unlikely to contain clear grammar errors and frequent misspellings. While it is unknown what the effect of poor grammar and spelling will have on a page’s rank, most believe that it can have a severely detrimental effect. Those who write SEO content for a living should take the time needed to learn basic grammar rules, and those who are writing content will want to look up words they have difficulty spelling.

Natural Links

As everyone who works in SEO now knows, links are not what they used to be. In the past, most links where roughly equal according to search engine algorithms, and the anchor text was all that really mattered. Today, the content around the link affects how well it is interpreted according to search engine algorithms. Links need to be crafted carefully, and the sentences that surround the link should relate to the topic of the anchor text. Keyword density and other older metrics still matter, but the importance of surrounding text cannot be overstated.
SEO is always changing, but those who look carefully can see inflection points. With the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it has became clear that search engines of the future are going to be much more intelligent than those of the past. Instead of relying on SEO tricks and particular link networks, those who perform SEO work will want to focus on creating top-notch material.
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Juliet is an SEO manager at Search Factory in Brisbane, Australia. Juliet knows how powerful high quality content can be when trying to rank in the search engine results. These are some of her tips.

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