Services Businesses Can Outsource to Save Money

On a national stage, outsourcing jobs is a touchy subject. However, for many businesses owners outsourcing certain jobs can be an important way to save money and grow their business. With uncertainty about the effects of possible new taxes and healthcare reform, business owners need ways to grow their business without adding additional financial burden. Outsourcing certain positions can let companies focus on their core objectives without sacrificing service to their customers.

Payroll Services

Using payroll companies like Paychex or Intuit can usually be much more efficient that processing payroll internally, and it also minimizes the chances of inaccurate records and tax payments. Calculating weekly payroll may only be a process of a few hours each week for the average small business owner, but preparing forms like W-2s, 1099s and federal taxes can be a challenging and time consuming process. Contracting your payroll services is an easy way to save your business time, money and costly mistakes.

Employee Hiring

Identifying, interviewing and hiring new employees represent a huge resource burden for many small businesses. Even full-time recruiters for large businesses spend upwards of three hours each day finding potential candidates, which just isn’t possible for many business owners. Outsourcing your employment searching to a staffing agency like Incepture can allow you to find candidates who meet your exact requirements without a dedicated HR position to search for new employees.

IT Services

Outsourcing your IT systems can be a gamble, but there are many benefits to choosing a quality IT services firm. Rather than the fixed salary of an in-house IT professional, outsourcing IT allows you to control costs as needed. Additionally, it allows you to scale up your infrastructure much more quickly and cheaply than if you had physical IT infrastructure, allowing you to compete even with larger companies. Although this allows you to focus more on your core business operations, you’ll have to combat decreased accessibility and responsiveness in the case of a crisis.

Creative Services

While having a full office of professionals is appealing and convenient, it is also expensive. If you have any positions that would be better suited for part-time or freelance work, consider using virtual service professionals. For things like creative design, copywriting and accounting, virtual professionals can complete work on an as-needed basis, allowing you to make the most of limited funds. Using freelancers or virtual professionals also allows you to work with the best talent no matter where they are located, ensuring you’re not settling for second-rate work.

Answering Services

It is nice to have someone up front answering the phones and directing the calls, but there are many companies that can provide that service for much less than the salary of a full time receptionist. Answering service companies can help you take calls 24/7, process orders, transfers calls and even manage leads.

Office Space

If you are planning on getting rid of your receptionist, you can take it one step further and lose your office all together. Very small businesses and startups may not require a full office for everyday operations, but only for meetings and presentations. For those businesses, companies like Regus can offer virtual office space, including call answering services, mail services, a business address and offices for meetings when needed during the month. It may not be for every business, but it can save you a significant chunk of change to put back into your business each month.

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