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If you’ve ever felt concerned about money or wondered if you’d be able to stay on top of the bills, you aren’t alone. Many adults find that there are times when money seems to be incredibly pinched and that bills are impossible to keep up with. While there are many financial assistance places available to help those in need, some families feel that their financial situation is too far gone to be saved. It’s in those instances you should consider contacting an Omaha bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer is not someone who will scare or pressure you in either direction, but will instead present you with your available options when it comes to bankruptcy and dealing with extreme debt situations. You can ask friends or family members to recommend a lawyer, but realize that many people aren’t even sure about how a bankruptcy lawyer works. Call your lawyer and schedule an initial appointment. This will be the time when your lawyer is able to discuss your needs with you. Come prepared to your appointment. Bring financial documents, any income statements you have and proof of residency and identity. Make sure you thoroughly explain your situation to your lawyer. Never try to hide information from your lawyer. Instead, be fully up front and honest so she can give you a well rounded opinion and help you choose the best path for filing for bankruptcy

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