So You Want To Sell On Etsy? It Can Become A Sustainable Way To Make A Living

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In this age, earning an income from home has never been easier. Many individuals with creative talents are finding it possible to carve out full time incomes using a variety of online sources as marketplaces for their products and services. One of the most successful examples of these marketplaces is Etsy, which allows people to sell their handmade and otherwise creative products to people from all over the world. Are you great with your hands or have a talent for creating a unique and desirable product? If so, Etsy may be the best solution for your entrepreneurial spirits.

What Can I Sell?

There is a pretty liberal interpretation of what you can sell on Etsy, but the main stipulation is that the items have to be handmade unless they are of a certain age. Handmade goods are the most common products you will find on the marketplace, but there is also a growing market for both vintage goods (must be at least 20 years old) and supplies for creating crafts or projects. Whether it is jewellery, items for the home or clothes for the kids, there is most likely demand for it on Etsy. Considering that some Etsy businesses are earning six figures per year, what more incentive do you need to get started?

Why Should I Sell on Etsy?

The reality is that Etsy is a huge marketplace and by far the largest for custom made goods. There are currently more than 15 million people using the service, and there is no fee to join and begin selling. There is a flat fee of $0.20 for listing a product, but you can list the product for up to four months. The total amount collected from the seller whenever an item is sold is 3.5%, regardless of the cost or type of item. You can also make personal appeals to those who may be interested in your item by providing intricate details in the item description, as well as any historical information about the product (in the case it is a vintage item).

A Sustainable Model

The reality is that technology is enabling individuals from all around the globe to directly compete in an interconnected economy where they are capable of using their talents to provide products and services. A mother in India can use the same platform as a budding entrepreneur in Australia, allowing for a more competitive and creative marketplace. By creating the concept of human scale economies throughout the world, increased demand for various products occurs while also giving those in inopportune situations the ability to raise beyond their circumstances.

Selling on Etsy is a definite advantage for those who have talents and the ability to craft custom, desirable goods. With a platform that is both widely used and very easy to sell with, there really is no excuse to avoid it if you have the time and ability to produce creative designs and crafts. Many people have made sustainable livings through the platform doing what they love and providing customers with products they love: will you do the same?

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