Social Media Guide for Small Business Websites

Social media is changing the way the world does business. With the simple click of a mouse, businesses can send targeted marketing messages to thousands of consumers via their social media accounts. If done correctly, social media marketing can greatly improve a small business’s bottom line.
I was running campaign for Arverne,  well known real estate community from New York. Here are my tips about how to create great social media campaign and attract more visitors for your small business, whether it is real estate, law firm, or something else.

Benefits of Social Media

Creating an account on the popular social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn has many benefits for a small business. Among the biggest benefits is easily being able to reach a large number of consumers in a short amount of time. When you post something about your business to one of your social media accounts, your followers will be notified instantly that you updated your account. This allows you to easily send out marketing messages for your business with the sole purpose of getting customers or clients.

How to Get Started

The first step you need to take when looking to use social media to help grow your small business is to make sure you have a website and a blog. Since you are looking to send traffic from the social media websites to another website, you need to have a site for your business to help convert the social media traffic into paying customers.

After you have set up a website, you need to carefully think about who your target customer is. This will help you target the right social media websites as each social site has its own characteristics. For instance, the majority of people who use Pinterest on a daily basis are women, so if your business sells products designed for women, you would definitely want to create an account on this social media website.

After you determine who your target customer is, you will want to create an account on the appropriate social media website and start interacting with the users on that site. Start following some influential users within your industry and jump into the conversations taking place. This will help you grow your presence on a particular social media site, and allow other users to know your business has a new account.

Social Media Tips

Create great content – The number on tip you need to keep in mind when using social media to boost your small business is to always create great content. This goes for your website, blog and social media accounts. The reason why you always need to create compelling content is to keep your followers interested in what you have to say and position yourself as an industry expert and a go to source of industry information. This will help you gain the trust of your followers, making it easier to turn them into paying customers.

Interact with your followers – One of the great aspects of social media is being able to interact with your followers. By answering any questions or concerns people may have about your products or service, you can show them exactly how your business can help satisfy their needs while providing excellent customer service. Also, interacting with your followers will keep them engaged in what you have to say in the future, which will keep them coming back to your website or social media account to see what other conversations are taking place.

Encourage others to share your content – Making it easy for people to share your content via social media is an excellent way to raise your brand awareness and gain additional followers. Whether it is content on your website, blog or social media account, you want to encourage others to share it with their social circles. This will help get your business’s name out there in the community, and hopefully bring more customers through your door.

Every type of business can benefit from using social media to market their products or services. Knowing which social media websites are home to your target customers can help you effectively market your business through social media. When using social media marketing to promote your company, remember to always create great content, interact with your followers and encourage others to share your content with their social circles.

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Ben Sawyer is an Social Medi Marketing consultant for Arverne, real estate frim from NYC. Here Ben shared with us some of his most useful tips from his social media marketing campaign done for his client.

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